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Another This Time Real Whistleblower


Shortly after the reported poison gas attack in Syria back in April 2018, I said it was a lie. There were several reasons for this. 1) Syria had already won the battle of Douma. 2) UN reported that the weapons were launched from a Caliphate controlled region. 3) Bashar a-Assad would not gas his own people. Last week OPCW The international chemical and bacteriological weapons investigations agency has admitted that senior management of their own organization had purposely withheld crucial evidence the Assad and the Syrian military were not responsible for the attack. On the basis of this, probably Mossad supplied, misinformation America and England attacked Syria. The time has now come to make financial retribution for our wrong and stupid jump to conclusion—the Mossad did it to us in Iraq and is now trying for Iran. Stop listening to ziocons!


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