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            For over the last three years Americans have been subjected to a circus; thank you very much Nancy and DNC. Perhaps I am not fair, in blaming solely Nancy, after all there are many clowns in this circus. We should all consider the primary ring masters Obama and Clinton, then there are the Deep State buffoons; James Clapper, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates, all certainly fit the clown playbill. The new word is “Spygate” the relentless efforts by the DNC to undo the 2016 election, even into the 2020 election cycle. This is a very new sort of circus, its a true American first. These people, consumed with hate for losing an election, will have wasted four years in a fruitless effort that has damaged the office of presidency, impeded resolution of trade issues including NAFTA and CAFTA that have been approved by Mexico as well as Canada, refused to vote on infrastructure, refused to settle the Dreamers problem, blocked resolution of the immigration issue and have through the judiciary, by the way losing every case to higher court, blocked funding for a Mexican border wall, as well as the ending of sanctuary. Furthermore that list is incomplete because listing it all would produce a ten page article. It is not unfair to say, that the clowns and their minions are severely damaging the nation.

            No, I did not forget the liar placed in charge by Nancy the inevitable liar, buffoon Adam Schiff, who by all appearance is trying to outdo his forebear Schiffs that financed Japan in the Sino-Russian war, the communist Party and Lenin’s return from exile in Zürich to St. Petersburg and then the Russian invasion. The pencil necked bug-eyed creep, has told so many lies in just the last three years that it would take an entire book to just list them, he needs no clown face, his weird appearance covers the entire requirement of clown.

            Like most Americans by now 90+% of Republicans, 76% of independents and at least 20% of thinking Democrats, I am fed up with this Kabuki Theatre. We have gone through several three ring performances; Russian collusion—well that was a total bust. Not only is collusion not a crime, it never took place, sorry, not by Donald Trump, it was the Clinton’s, the Clinton Foundation, Bills speeches, Hilary’s speeches, Pay-to- Play, Haiti relief funds, AtomOne that netted the Clinton’s over $145-million, and Joe and Hunter Biden’s Pay-to-Play in Ukraine, Rumania and China netting Hunter a cool $1.6-trillion. Let me speculate for just a moment; In my opinion the entire circus was constituted to draw attention away from the monumental number of crimes by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden during the Obama administration. Anyone doubting that should view the video of Joe threatening the Ukraine president that he will withhold over one billion dollars in foreign aid unless the investigating prosecutor of Hunter is fired within six hours.

            This really brings me to the so called but not “Whistle Blower” who in fact is a CIA employee leaker, not satisfying the whistle blower statutes. I released his name in mid October, by this time everyone in DC knows him to be Eric Ciaramella, who was fed, probably false information by Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, A Ukrainian of Russian ancestry. I recall that the Ukraine was part of Russia that had been conquered by Empress Catherine the Great 250 years ago, in fact American naval hero John Paul Jones reorganised the Russian Black Sea Fleet (Crimea) in the Russo-Turkish war of 1781-1792 in the Ukraine. Vindman’s family were probably Russian transplants by Stalin to Sovietise the Ukraine.

            This cause me to question the entire circus. Why has not one person asked a very simple question of Vindman, or for that matter every witness brought to the circus? Do you know or are you acquainted with Eric Ciaramella? Schiff who has repeatedly lied that he does not know the whistle blower, (actually leaker) would be faced with an unsolvable problem. Tell the questioner to cease and desist and thus exposing the fact that he knows the whistle blower, (actually leaker) or shut up and thus verify who he is. I must say that the oppostion has not done a very good job with the possible exception congressmen Jordan and Gaetz.

            Vindman is cut from the same cloth as Schiff. He has been verified to joke about American’s and our foreign policies, like the rest of the State Department egomaniacs they think that they are all-wise and should be formulating all foreign policy, not the elected executive. After all they went to Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth and Columbia and are therefore better equipped to handle such complex problems. Colleges Brain Washing by overpaid academics aside—- Department of Commerce International Trade Representatives are in the same canoe; their foreign counterparts call them the “college boys” because of their very obvious ineptitudes.

            In my Whistle Blower release in October I explained how I figured out who he was because Schiff actually told us. Schiff said; 1) He spoke Russian and Ukrainian 2) Was an expert on the Ukraine, 3) Worked for the CIA, 4) Was a card carrying member of the DNC, 5) Was aquatinted with Vindman (verified by Vindman’s testimony on 11.19.19) 6) Was at the time employed by the Trump administration. Ciaramella by process of elimination was the only person that fit the bill. By the way, Rush Limbaugh also revealed his name first week of November.

            I can’t help having to put all of this into some sort of organized templet. I think that the strategist is Brennan and the organizers are Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, neither of whom, are smart enough to come up with such an elaborate plan. The other clowns in the circus are simply partisan radical progressives, who wanted a continuation of the totally inept Obama administration in order to capitalise on the benefits that a Hillary administration would undoubtedly bestow on them when elected. In this, based on foreign governments contributions to the Clinton's while she was Secretary of State, they were not alone. Speeches by Hillary $12-million Bill $6.8-million, UraniumOne deal $145-million, Haitian relief scam $2-billion, Clinton foundation holdings in Canada and Norway, unknown. Clinton Foundation US assets 2019 $332,471,349.00 total charity $5.1-million less than 3% by IRS statute must be 10% on income, reported revenues were $177,804,612.00 qualified IRS required charity should have been $17,708,461.00. Almost all moneys in the Clinton foundation is a slush fund for over 400 hangers-on and lavish expenses like Chelsea’s $10-million condo in NYC and $40,000. Wedding 


My new book Race—Sex—Truth has been completed, paged and cover designed. However our printers Steuben Press of Longmont CO has canseled our contracts, the new book is not PC enough. We are presently seeking a new printer and expect delivery before Christmas.  www.A2ZPublications.com

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