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We have not shipped our new book Race—Sex—Truth to you yet. It’s not our fault. We got our paged and cover designed book to our printer in October before Adrian’s birthday. It has been languishing there ever since. As we returned form the 100th anniversary 3rd Infantry Division meeting Monday the 18th of Nov. at Jekyll Island and Fort Stewart GA we got a real shock. Our printer Steuben Press president Adam Ellis informed us that one of his employees said he would quit if the book was printed. Adam said he was talking to his lawyer and would advise us shortly. We were unaware that our printers snow flakes employees dictate company policy. We will keep you informed. Censorship is well and alive all over the Fruited Plain so far we lost Lightning source, tried LuLu both of which dumped us, lost our international distributor Ingram, have had our Internet site continuously attacked, had our company telephone number cancelled, have been branded by SPLC and ADL as a hate group and had our books blacklisted. No one has to date offered to explain to us how and why we are a hate group, how a legally incorporated company A2Z Publications LLC is a group or how Dr. Adrian Krieg CMFGE is a group, how hate is defined and what we have done to be a hate group.


We wish all a very Merry Christmas and the happy and healthy New Year, and hope to get a printed book to you soon.



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