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Who’s the Whistle Blower


The qualification for the position, that, by the way, is not a whistleblower but a leaker because he did not hear the conversation, making it court inadmissible. We know the required qualifications, from statements leaked by Schiff:

  1. Speak Russian and Ukrainian,
  2. Be an expert on the Ukraine
  3. Was employed by the CIA
  4. Was a card carrying member of the DNC
  5. Worked for Obama
  6. Also worked for Trump
  7. Knows Victoria Nuland
  8. was acquainted with Col Alexander Vindman.

The only person that I can find that meets that profile is Eric Ciaramella. Nuland is a career State Department diplomat who is also a DNC member, of the never-Trumper movement.

Col. Vindman is an Army officer never-Trumper, also a DNC member, and was on the Telephone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

Both worked for Obama.

Organized by Brennan and Enacted by Schiff, advertised by CNN, MSNBC the Washington Post and NT Times.

And that's the end of the story.




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