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I predict a massive problem in credit. It appears that banks are overextended in mortgages and construction loans. The FED has just announced that they are upping monthly bank support from US $75-billion to over US $165-billion until mid-December. J.P. Morgan chase, as well as Bank of America, have predicted negative interest rates by the end of the year. Several EU nations already have negative interest rates. Only Judaists were abbe to get bank lines of credit; they are now also out. This is obstructing world trade because exporters of goods are unable to get bank guaranteed LC’s. Then to top it all off, the moronic Democrats in the House are not approving the North American Free trade deal, or infrastructure or healthcare, and have held up every presidential proposal in an effort to cause depression so that they can have something to run on.


Buy Silver now—just went up another 0.40 cents today ( 9:40 AM 10.08.19 )


It is now obvious that J.P. Morgan Chase has been manipulating the silver markets. The Department of Justice has issued two criminal indictments against JP Morgan-Chase precious metals traders, including the current head of global metals trading. The charges going back ten years include spoofing and market manipulation. This is especially serious because Justice has invoked RICO (Racketeering and Corrupt Organisations Act.) It is assumed that Chase holds over 250-million ounces of silver. Until 2000 average annual silver mining production was about 270-million OZ; in 2017, this increased to 720-million OZ. Silver demand has grown exponentially as computer development advanced. This effects prices because the total annual world silver consumption is 1,035.5-million OZ per year, over 3/4 of which is industrial consumption.


As of the PM 17th, Silver is at US $17.66330 11.20 AM 10.08.19 and rising.


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

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