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Impeachment NOT


What crazy Nancy is doing is not impeachment. To impeach-see the constitution.

  1. The speaker can not impeach anyone
  2. The speaker must submit a vote for impeachment to the entire House.
  3. The House must vote in majority for impeachment.
  4. Nancy will not do that because it would force many Democrats in swing districts to oppose Trump and thereby lose in the coming election.
  5. If the house votes by majority for impeachment articles for it must be drawn up articles.
  6. Once articles are drawn up, the opposition gets the right to cross-examine and subpoena witnesses.
  7. Since there are no crimes or misdemeanors, there is no case for impeachment.
  8. Since the Senate is the Jury and the Supreme Court Justice is the deciding judge and the Senate would have to vote 3/4 for impeachment, there is no chance at all.


This is all a huge kabuki theatre in an effort to influence swing votes in the 2020 election. It is the biggest load of BS of this decade.

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