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Just exactly how much


                                                                                    Dr. A. H. Krieg   02.09.12


A very serious question troubling Americans is exactly how much money is the FRS actually giving away to their bankster members. The question is relevant due to two issues; firstly they are indirectly giving tax-collected funds from American taxpayers to affiliate stockholders of the FRS, and secondly much of that money is going to European banksters. Ultimately all the funds are borrowed or stolen from the taxpayers through inflation. Most Americans think that the TARP distributions QE 1 and QE 2 were large; when compounding interest about one trillion each, but that is sadly not the case. We live in the most corrupt, tyrannical and dangerous time of American history.

It is important to understand that there is no such remaining thing as large American banks or as a; ”national bank” or a strictly American bank, such nationalism only exist in very small banks. All large banking today is international and the ownership of all large banks is international, and for prime part privately controlled.

Between 2008 and 2010 the FRS bailed out banks to the tune of 8 trillion dollars. We are apprised of this through a Federal Freedom of Information Act by Bloomberg News © that was finally fulfilled. For years Benjamin Shalom Bernanke has been postulating that release of this information would be disastrous for the banking community. Heaven forbid that lowly American citizens learn what the banking monopoly was up to with the people’s money. Transactions up to 2011 were secret known only to Ponzigoniff insiders.

So let’s all remember, “too big to fail”, “the crisis will destroy our banking institutions” “these are really sound institutions”, “It’s only marginal support”. There is in fact nothing too big to fail, and if an institution is financially unsound it must fail, bailing out failing institutions induces continued mismanagement and repeated bailouts as has been amply demonstrated in the last few years. GM, AIG, Chrysler, Solyndra, Fisker, and scores of others including the entire “Green” energy syndicates come to mind. Our banking system, which is international, has been operating a criminal enterprise leaching the Western World’s assets to the benefit of the banking monopoly and their friends. These are not sound institutions, they are criminal enterprises as is seen in MF Global whose entire crooked staff claims that they have no idea where $1.2 billion went. Ask yourself, why is Corzine not in jail? Lastly 8 trillion dollars is not marginal. These hoodlums at the FRS spent about half of the entire national annual production output of the United States, bailing out their buddies. What is really infuriating is that they did it with money borrowed and money created out of thin air that your children and grandchildren are illegally on the hook for. While they did this they went to great lengths to keep you from finding out about it.

The first lot was largely spent by March of 2009 at which time the FRS had paid out $7.7 trillion to their buddies at the 12 FRS regional banks. To understand how this worked is to comprehend how the transaction took place in what form the funds were transferred. Well, there was no funds transferred, no gold, no paper, no nothing, the FRS simply told each regional bank how many new zeros to add to the end of their statements on their balance sheet. This is the juice of DC smoke and mirrors accounting. Could you imagine what would happen to a CEO of a corporation if he did that? Jail that’s what.

While all this was transpiring, Benny was actively lobbying Congress to implement stricter controls on banks, which was then placed in law, as the Dodd/Frank Wall St. Reform & Consumer Protection Act (pub. law 111-203 HR 4173) which law, in fact is not a stricter law for mega-banks, it is a law to restricting smaller banks from the lending market through over-regulation. Thus it reduced competition to the FRS and its friends. Dodd (D, CT) and Frank (D, MA) both decided not to run for re-election, knowing full well that neither one of them could win, but those announcements came after each took some nice benefits from the banksters. . The Web site Naked Capitalism summed up the entire affair with their memorable quotes “The bottom line is that everyone close to the process lied like crazy”.

The teetering mega banks all share a common attribute; their officers are all liars. In November 2008, The CEO of Bank of America, which is in very deep finacial trouble told his shareholders that, “[We are] one of the strongest and most stable major banks in the world”. On the day Kenneth Lewis made that pronouncement Bank of America was in debt to the FRS for about $ 90 billion. Just two weeks later the FRS shoveled another $1.2 trillion into the American banking system.

In the midst of these shenanigans the FRS was providing funds to banks at interest rates of 0.01% which many banks used to purchase federal notes that paid between 3% and 3.5% short-term interest thus making a profit of at least 3% in 90 days by sitting on their butts, while Obama and the progressives were decrying the lack of capital in the commercial lending markets. If you are guaranteed a 3% secure insured profit at zero risk while sitting on your duff for three months what would you do? The banks according to Bloomberg reaped a $ 13 billion profit by this.

The FRS and IRS was the product of the 16th amendment to the Constituion in the Christmas recess of 1913, neither agency has seen any oversight by the legislative, judicial or executive branches of government. In 100 years none ever audited the FRS, at least we know that the IRS costs us $ 11.4 billion a year in operating costs, with the FRS no person even has a clue what the cost is. QE 3 is coming, you can bet on it. They have so skewed statistical information on unemployment, banking, and inflation that they are left with few options. They could tell the truth, no I’m just kidding! They could devalue the dollar, but not before the election because whoever does it would not be able to get re-elected, I do not think this will happen. They can and will inflate to dollar by well over 30% within the coming 12 months, which they will do. Inflation since Obama entered office is realistically 24%. The omission of food, and fuel from the inflation statistic is how they are able to maintain the charade’. It is not unreasonable to assume that in the four years that Obama will have been in office by Jan 2013 America will suffer inflation of about 46% to 50% in four years. This is a first in American history. The government sits between a rock and a hard place unable to even admit that they have been playing with the numbers, if they reported inflation and unemployment correctly the government would collapse because all government contracts have clauses tying payout to inflation rates, and that includes 24 million government employees and all Social Security recipients. Club-Fed, whose average income is double the national average, would bring it all down! We won’t even speak of the 47 million on Food Stamps, 24.4% unemployed (TrimTab.com©) and the 24 million illegal immigrants.

The devastating effect of these Republocrat administrations policies on pensioners, those on Social Security, 401K’s and IRA’s will literally wipe out what remains of the Middle Class. Income reductions due to inflation based on fixed dollar values, indicate a decline in income of the Middle Class every year since 1950. The same people have also organized the devastation in the housing markets in which most Middle Class value is vested. Housing values nationally are down by 40% in some places 60%. This in fact is a culture war (Kulturkrieg) identical to what the communists (Bolshevik zionists) did in Germany in the 1920’s. For four years the rich have been getting richer the poor poorer and the Middle Class has evaporated such is the benefit of socialism.

There is an alternative to this mayhem. Join A3P American third Position the political party without politicians, without corporate donors, and without corruption. Soon (March) Merlin Miller’s and A3P’s book “Our Vision for America” will be out, you can order a prepublication copy post paid and Signed by Merlin from adriankrieg@a2zPublications.com or, merlin@americana-pictures.com (Subject: write “book order”) for $10 it is truly our vision for our homeland and the return of America back to its constitutional republic roots.


Dr. Krieg is an inventor, author, and columnist and a member of the board of directors of A3P.

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