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 Dr. A. H. Krieg

Draining the swamp was the unbridled promise of Nancy Peloci when she was Speaker of the house. Not only did she not drain the swamp she was one of the instruments that dammed it up. How bad is it? We have 100 senators and 435 members of the House for a total of 535. As of today the following statistic is applicable: 29 spousal abuses, 7 frauds, 19 passing bad cheques, 117 bankruptcies (considering they get over $150K that is truly amazing), 3 assaults, 71 insufficient credit to get a credit card, 14 for illicit drug use, 8 for shoplifting, 21 in currently litigation of suites, 84 for drunk driving. This works out to: Legislators 374 out of 535 that are crooks, which leaves 164 thatbe clean. What a state of affairs and they have an 87% re-election rate to boot!

We pay congressmen $174,000.00 per year. Then we give them an employee allowance for $900,000.00. Then we give them a $ 250,000.00 for office expenses (we provide the office space). The average legislator cost to the taxpayers $3.3 million a year. Can you imagine that sort of income and then not being able to get a credit card due to bad debt? Oh I almost forgot, the franking privilege, the healthcare that costs only $300 per month for a full family, children to age 25, and the pension, well, then we have Senator Bird who is collecting $190.000.00 plus per year in pension plus free healthcare. You get the picture, I’m sure.

Among all these political extortionists we would just like to single out some very special cases than may well interest you. And yes it is extortion because they set their own salaries by automatic increases of about $ 3,200.00 per year that they never vote for but always get. Ever since the freeze of COLA to Social Security recipients, who by the way paid for their provided funds over a time of 30 plus years of taxes, congress has given itself more in increases than the average Social Security recipient gets in an entire year, about $14,000.00.

A recent case in point is Congressman Anthony Weiner, the dirt bag from Queens. While this has been prominent news, what with all the salacious pictures to women young enough to be Weiner’s daughters, it is hardly a pimple on an elephants ass, when compared to the likes of those below listed who remain in office. To his meager credit he resigned his office on the 16th of June 2011, but not officially until the session is over, i.e. the end of this year, so, he will continue collecting his salary and healthcare option until November 2011. Oh, and he can keep the $ 5 million in his campaign coffers for himself tax-free. Our only question is what deal did he get from the DNC, i.e. what will his future employment look to be, we will find out shortly.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has seen the DNC in the form of the House Ethics Committee postpone and then indefinitely delay her promised trial on November 29, 2010. To recap Walters according to AP “[saw} charges focus on whether Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help for a bank (OneUnited) where her husband owned stock and served [with considerable pay] on the board of directors” One can only wonder if the husbands qualifications would have sufficed if his wife were not a member of congress. This is one of the famous means by which legislators funnel money to themselves by having their spouses employed at ridiculous salaries. The bank was given TARP funds to bail them out with the help of Frank (S* MA) and Waters.  Michelle Obama and her employment at the U of Chicago Medical center as Neighborhood outreach, “Volunteer Recruitment, Staff Diversity, & Minority Contracting Officer” (first time in my life I ever heard of such a position) hired when her husband became a state senator for $ 120,000.00 and then given a raise to $ 317,000.00 when he became a federal Senator. Well Chicago Med did get a one million dollar grant shortly thereafter.  PS she resigned the position when he was elected president and in my book we call that payola. The position has remained unfilled since!

Representative Charlie Rangel (D NY) representing Harlem. Rangle is an old-time Tammany politician in the best sense of the word. The House Ethics Committee (under the DNC) found no less than 13 ethics violations for representative Rangle. The most egregious were, forgetting to pay income taxes on $75,000.00 of income. Misused his congressional position to raise money for his private Rangle Center for Public Service. Using his position to course funds from donors who had business before the House Ways and Means Committee, which he chaired. Using his “Franking Privilege” to solicit funds. Misusing residentially zoned (possibly rent-controlled) Harlem apartments for personal campaign HQ. Failing to report $ 600,000.00 of income. Say that reminds me of a question, how does one wind up owning apartment complexes in NYC and earning $ 600,000.00 on an income of $ 174,000.00? He was found guilty as sin but retained his office and makes regular TV appearances. Thank God, his healthcare and pension remain in tact!

Representative Barney Frank (S*-MA) this monumental liar, who is continuously reelected by the dumbos in his district, and is together with retiring Senator Chris Dodd, (The Dud)  (S-CT) single-handedly responsible for the housing debacle, has enough luggage to allow the writing of a 6,000 page book. Honestly there is not one worthwhile single attribute of this man? that I like. He helped Waters get TARP funds for OneUnited, He even admitted talking to federal regulators about the TARP payment to OneUnited but claimed he could not remember the name of the guy. Seems it was then Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson. Frank still continues to defend his indefensible position in Freddie and Fannie that has cost American taxpayers about one trillion dollars to date, which continues to rise daily.

Representative Jessie Jackson (r*. IL) we all remember Blogo the once governor of the most corrupt state in the union, seems that according to the Chicago Sun Times, Jessie offered to raise millions for Blogo in return for appointment to the US Senate, Blogo was indicted on 24 charges but the totally inept federal prosecutors only secured one charge. Jessie was let off the hook. Wonder if his dad had anything to do with that? The amounts are simply staggering, according to the Sun Times, $6 million was in play. Jackson also makes Weiner look good with females when as a married man he flew Washington restaurant hostess (Giovana Huidobro) to Chicago twice from DC, wow she must be some L&%!  No prosecution no action by the Committee.

We could simply not forget our president. After all he promised us the most open and legitimate administration in history. We got CHANGE instead with the most corrupt secretive, lying, stonewalling, cover up, scandal based and disregarding of law and the Constituion and Bill of Rights administration in our history. I thought Carter, Clinton and Bush were bad, they were shysters. He lied in regards to the Blogo matter, he lies daily on the economy, employment, finance, housing, income, and anything else I can think of, in fact he tells so many lies that he can’t even remember what he said last week and continuously trips himself up on falsehoods he espoused the day before. “America has 54 states!” He proudly gave us the “Cornhusker Kickback”, The “Louisiana Purchase” ($100 million) The “Florida Exception”, and now over 1.300 corporate Obamacare waivers primarily to DNC contributors and Nancy Peloci’s up-scale SF restaurants.

            I would continue with Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Ensign, Barbara Boxer, and Rahm Emanuel (now the Mayor of Chicago) they deserve him! But what’s the point; if I tried to list all in this column it would fill the entire paper.


*Could stand for sodomite, socialist or sexual deviant you choose!

 r* In this case racist


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