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Just some facts VI


LH-Liberty Hub an RNC source:


The ludicrous headline states: “Iran releases WILD new threats against the US, warning of immediate and crushing retaliation”.

The report begins with “The Small, Middle Eastern nation…” Iran is the 19th largest nation in the world; it has an sq km of 1,648,195 and water of 116,600 sq-km. Iran's population is about 83-million. (so much for small)

Next is the claim that they intend to wipe the Jewish State off the map. Not actually correct they said the zionist state. The primary language of Iran is Farsi there is a common expression in Farsi, which is death to (whatever) it is an idiomatic expression that cannot be taken literally.  The zionist state refers to the separatist religious policies of the socialist theocracy of the zionist state in which all non-Jews are second class citizens. 

All of this is related to Eretz Yisrael and the zionist policy as expressed in the Oded Yinon Plan that is to expand Israel's borders to include: Gaza, the West the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, Syria, Iraq to the Euphrates River, the An Nafüd Providence of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. This is, in fact, the entire basis of Islamic opposition to Israel.

People in Gaza and the West Bank trying to defend themselves from Israeli aggression are not terrorists they are patriots in the same way as the American revolution. The entire Iran nuclear bomb invention came from Netanyahu and his Likud Eretz Yisrael expansionist policies.  There has never been any produced evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons, even if they were they are signatories of the UN nuclear non-proliferation Act and Israel which has over 400 Nukes has not signed the treaty.

No-one to date has provided one shred of evidence that Iran attacked Saudi Arabia, in fact, Saudi Arabia is at war with Yemen, in which they have killed over 100,000 to date.

By the way, Iran stating that they will defend themselves is not a threat to the United States.


Someone, please anyone inform the RNC!

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