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Just some facts V


Are our politicians crazy?


I’m sure that you have often considered why so many Americans are on welfare, especially when there are lots of available jobs. To get to the bottom of this, we must look at the average individual income in the United States. BLS Stats: 2019 average US $47,060.00 Service sector average $30,524.00.


In 8-states welfare recipients are beneficiaries of more money than the average income in their states when you consider taxes.


Welfare income by states:

Hawaii                $60,590.00

Wash. DC           $50,820.00

Mass                   $50,540.00

Conn                   $44,370.00

New York           $43,700.00

New Jersey        $43,450.00

RI                       $43,330.00

VT                       $42,350.00


I am 81-years old, paid the annual maximum into social security for 37-years. My SS payment is $1,567.00 per month or 18,804.00 per year.

I have two questions:


How do I get on welfare?

Why does someone who never contributed one cent get $41,786 more than I do?


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