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Just some facts IV


Anyone who made it through HS ought to be able to add 2+2 and come up with 4. Unfortunately, the DNC members running for the presidency give the appearance of being very handicapped in mathematics.

 Proposals by DNC presidential aspirants as of September 2019 are as follows:

Green New Deal supported by all of them: Ten years cost $10-trillion
Forgiveness of all college debts: Total cost first year $1.4-trillion
Free education for all K through college: Annual cost $2.7-trillion
Cradle to death healthcare for all: Annual cost $2.675-trillion
Free prescription drugs for all: Annual cost $2.05-trillion
Elimination of Electoral college: NY, CA, FL, TX, & PA will elect the president rest need not vote
Increase personal income taxes to 70%: Eliminate the middle class
Increase corporate income tax to 90%: Drive corporations overseas stop R&D
Reparations for Blacks due to slavery 150-years ago: Unknown but over $1-trillion
Reparations for queers because they could not get married: Unknown but about $250-million
Abortion any time any place even after birth: End of the human race
Repair all infrastructure: Annual cost $1.7-trillion
Amnesty for all illegals: Annual cost $850-billion per year for 10-years
Open Borders: Too stupid to figure in
Free healthcare for all 34-million illegals: Annual cost $1.7-trillion
Elimination of the 2nd Amendment: Change America to a dictatorship
Reducing the voting age to 16: Turn America over to its children


Would someone; anyone please inform the DNC and their presidential candidates that we don’t have the money!

$14.325-trillion!!!!! US Nat. Debt 09.20.19= $22.6-triilion annual budget is $4.549-trillion, which is already $1-trillion in the hole.


Most of this is from a new book by Dr. Krieg: “Race—Sex—Truth” coming in October,  autographed copies $35.00 by preorder from:


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