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Just some Facts III


It does not take a genius to figure out why we have mass shootings that are unless you are a liberal:


Beginning in the 50’s liberals that now call themselves progressives, another word for socialists;  have systematically secularised America, it actually began with the separation of Church and State fiction, which was a letter sent to a congregation in Danbury CT by Thomas Jefferson that has nothing to do with law or the Constitution.


In this process, the socialists determined that religion, morals, and ethics no longer were subjects to be taught in public schools; in that process, they also ended Greek history and Greek philosophy. Children by this lost the moral compass, which had been the hallmark of Western Civilization for over 2,000 years.


Then with Roe vs. Wade and an entire series of really bad  Supreme Court rulings, child murder was institutionalized in American jurisprudence. Now in the 21st century, some states have legalized child murder as a right of females even after live birth. To compound, these socialists have not only legalized homosexuality they have made it a constitutional right. They took this further and established sex as 14 different human options based on the ludicrous opinions of very confused individuals.


Children who have for 10,000-years understood that there were two sexes, male and female have by all of this been befuddled and confused to the point where:


In 2018 in a 7th grade class students were given a piece of paper and told to write the answer to a question anonymously:

Q: Is it right or wrong to cheat on an exam?

A: With 72% Not if you don’t get caught!


Why not murder? It’s OK if you don’t get caught! That is the agnostic and atheist way of looking at a society.


Would someone; anyone please inform the DNC and their presidential candidates!


Most. Of this information is from a new book by Dr. Krieg: “Race—Sex—Truth” coming in October autographed copies $ 35.00 by preorder.


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