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Just some facts


This information comes from the FBI & the Crime Prevention Research Center:

These statics are based on 1998 to 2015 stats.


International shootings outside military action total 4,880

USA shootings 53 attacks with 57 shooters

Total USA shootings are 1.49% of the total worldwide and USA has 4.29% of world pop.

From 1950 to 2018, 98% of all gun related mass shootings have taken place in gun-free-zones

65% of all gun related shootings are suicides

14% of all gun related shootings are criminals by police

25% of all USA gun related shootings are the four cities that have the most restrictive gun laws

            2015 stats:

            Chicago                       480

            Baltimore                     344

            Detroit                         333

            Wash. DC                   118 up 54% from 2013


In 2018: 63,533 Americans died from drug overdoses

In 2018: 37,133 Americans died from car accidents

In 2018: 36,009 Americans died from the Flu

In 2018: 200,000 Americans died by preventable medical mistakes

In 2018: 710,000 Americans died from heart decease

In 2018: 33,381 Americans died from falls

In 2018: 47,478 Americans died from poisoning

In 2018: 12,979 Americans died from gun shots 8,436 of which were self inflicted suicides and 1,817 were killed by police while committing a crime.

Actual shootings between citizens 2,726 or .0000011.7% of population.


Would someone; anyone please inform the DNC and their presidential candidates!


Most of this information is from a new book by Dr. Krieg:

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