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What they have done to us


by: 09.04.2019


A2Z Publications LLC

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This is a factual report of what media companies have done to A2Z Publications LLC a Nevada and Florida publishing company. In 2018 SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) declared A2Z Publications LLC as well as Dr. Adrian Krieg HATE GROUPS. SPLC has refused to itemize any hate or to identify what hate is or how their determination of hate is arrived at. After that, the following things happened and continue to happen.


  1. For 17-years, our PDF printer was Lighting Source a Company that prints books in America as well as Europe (England) and Australia. Lighting source had 13 of our titles. They canceled our written agreement with 40-days notice. It took us four months to retrieve our outstanding royalties.
  2. Ingram was our international wholesaler, and owners of Lighting Source as well as LULU the two largest in the world POD printers. Ingram followed suite and canceled our 17-year distribution contracts on 40-day notice.
  3. By 2019 full and continuous attacks on our Website www.A2ZPublications.com became commonplace our site was by force taken down once.
  4. We had 5,000 Facebook friends, but that number is diminishing as facebook will not allow new people on the site based on the claim that they are sending content with which Facebook disagrees. We are now unable to determine how many friends we have on facebook because they often block our access.
  5. Google has initiated algorithms to reduce the search for our site and to steer book questions to other publishers even when A2Z or Adrian Krieg are specified in requests. Google purposely directs information requests away from our site.
  6. Twitter not only censors our information they block us from access by continuously changing access passwords.
  7. U-Tube took down five of our videos but refused to say why.
  8. Attacks on our site and business are relentless and continuous as a result sales of our books have drastically fallen.
  9. In late August Academia told us that over 100 separate individuals and corporations were using articles written by Dr. Krieg to back-up their research.
  10. In late August 2019, our telephone number that had been in use for three years was cut, and we had to get a new number. (the new number is 941-212-6714)
  11. Amazon lists only 12 of our 20-in-print titles; none of the after spring 2018 written are listed.


Our books are non-fiction on and about History, Economics, Banking, Immigration, Demographics, Money, Liberalism, Nationalism, Race, Sex, Truth, and the Federal Reserve. There are apparently many millennials in the media and social Internet, who cannot cope with the truth and try to silence opposing views. We are not alone: Family Research Council, Kennedy Ministries, Maajid Nawaz, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, American Free Press, The Nationalist Times, Christian Ministries, The New American, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and Liberty Counsel among scores of others.

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