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Two Tier Justice


America has entered a new era— two-tier justice is the new operating American legal system. This diabolical jurisprudence is not a new 21st-century event; it is a repeat of longstanding dictums. Beginning in Rome before the first century it has repeated for a millennium and has always ended badly. The most obviously present day appreciation are newly enacted “Red Flag Laws,” one of which has been established in my home state of Florida. The law allows police agencies to confiscate legally owned firearms, from any citizen based on the accusal of any secret disputant, claiming the gun owner to be a danger to society. The police do not have to expose the accuser. Contrary to established law the accused must then prove that he is not delinquent before a judge, without a jury. This is a total reversal of established law for over 700-years. It violates the basic concept of allowance to face your accuser. It will be  down by the Supreme Court.

Another signed into law by FL Governor DeSantis in Jerusalem of all places; is that any citizen that in any way or manner demeans in any way a Jew, zionist or Israel may be arrested under the newly established by DeSantis hate laws. This is the growing national legal interpretation of “Preemptive Arrest.” It allows the arrest of a citizen, based on the suspicion that he may at some future date commit a crime or that he has thoughts not acceptable to law enforcement. “Big Brother” is watching! It is the elimination of due process and the presumption of innocence that has been part of English law since the Magna Carta of 1297, 722 years ago. Americans can now be imprisoned for a crime they did not commit, based on the testimony of a police officer or informant, that appears to have the ability to foretell the future. It will be struck down by the Supreme Court. Both of the laws mentioned above stem from the two worst presidential administrations of our national history—W. Bush and B. H. Obama.

The new legal system has become paramountly obvious with the lack of enforcement of existing laws against a large number of politicians. These would most obviously be Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John O. Brennan, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch Joh Koskinen, and Eric Holder. It remains to be seen if the new AG William Barr has the internal fortitude to see to justice in those cases.

This brings us the most egregious miscarriage of justice in this century. Mathew Hale political prisoner number 15177-424 has been in solitary confinement at U.S.P. MAX POB 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500 for the last 16 years. Matt’s sentence is for 40-years. Matt has committed no crime. Uncorroborated by any supporting information or fact, an FBI informant Tony Evola who was paid $72,000 by the FBI claimed that Matt hired him to kill a judge; who had ruled in a trademark infringement case for Matt. The informant was unable in the trial to identify the sex of the judge, who was in fact a woman. The director of the FBI at the time was Mueller, and we all know about his deleterious behavior. Matt was RailRoaded because he is a White Nationalist. The Warden of the prison Andre Mateviousian as well as Matt’s SIS tech Rudy Marques, who reads Matt’s mail, are severely prejudiced against Matt. I have had mail deliveries from me to Matt blocked by Marques claiming that the correspondence was gang-related. The warden refuses to respond to issues of mail delivery.

Please support a presidential pardon for Matt Hale by writing to President Trump at the White House 1600 PA Ave N.W. Washington DC 20500 or E-mail the president at president@whitehous.gov.

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