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Robert Maxwell, the British media mogul, was a Mossad agent into perverse sex. When things got hot, the Mossad killed Maxwell. His girlfriend Sarah Kellen turned up as the new girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein another Mossad agent. Kellen and Ghislaine Maxwell were the madams. When things got really hot—(half of Hollywood and half of Congress exposed as travelers on the Lolita express [Boeing 727 to 70-Acre pedophile island] Jeffry broke is own neck, and then hung himself without rope or belt from a nonexistent rafter.


  • Bill Clinton                  
  • Stephen Hawking                  
  • Stephen Pinker
  • Alan Dershowitz         
  • Prof. Lawrence Krauss          
  • Price Andrew UK       
  • Ron Burkle
  • Kevin Spacey            
  • Gayle Smith
  • Chris Tucker              
  • Larry Summers
  • and scores of others


And 27 females.

The Mossad has films of the travelers. They have been blackmailing members of Congress for decades. Why do you think that they always vote in favor of Israel?

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