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            My Company A2Z Publications LLC, as well as myself, have been under continuous attacks by the “Leftist” Internet social media companies. It began in 2018 when SPLC listed us as “Hate Group” under “Other” classification. Within weeks our printers Lighting Source canceled a 17-year mutual agreement on 4 weeks notice, they had printed over 13-books for us, our International wholesaler Ingram followed suite. My good friend and editor Don Wassail of the Nationalist Times for whom I have been writing for over 14-years has also felt their wrath. The Sovereign that was published in NYC for whom I wrote the editorials for many years went under, now resurrected in Gainesville, FL. Sadly A2Z book sales have tanked. We are barely keeping our head above water. I have written a new book, Race Sex & Truth, but we do not have the funds to page it, or design the cover. We tried with a go-fund-me page, but results have been pitiful—when I read that a cousin of pedophile Michael Jackson raised $278,000 in memory of Michael, in less than three weeks, I was floored and disheartened.

            I think that we must all reflect on the 91%+ control exerted by the Internet giants on America and its people. Our country was founded on freedom from tyranny, our First Amendment guarantees our communal right of freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and the press, all gone! A tribe representing less than 4% of our nations population now controls over 90% of book publication, distribution printing wholesaling Internet sales and distribution as well as the largest in the world book retailer Amazon. They control Hollywood, the press, radio, and TV, through only six companies. With the Clinton signed “American Communications Act” of 1996, which was an overhaul of the 1934 law over 1,400 local independent radio stations were eliminated and centralized in NYC, Chicago, and LA under giants like “Clear Channel, (c)” eliminating local content and access by small companies, mine included. Over 800 radio talk show hosts in local markets lost their jobs. Diversity the look of the left was eliminated!

            Let me now educate you as to what is happening on the World Wide Web. Content from all sources and on all topics is subject to censorship. The great transformational tool enabling us to exercise our free speech, the Internet, has been extinguished. Control of the Internet now rests with just three companies, whose owners hate freedom of information more than human waste. Twitter has developed a system called “Shadow Ban”, which through algorithms (mathematical content programs) is to prevent posts by individuals as well as companies to hide from intended recipients, the content of messages, is to miss-direct messages on political, social and any by them disliked content, like sending all those messages to you junk files. They allow you to post to prevent criticism, but no one will ever see your posts.  Just so that you get it—Twitter executives when queried said the algorithms were to prevent Russian hacking of our elections. When asked by Project Veritas (truth) they responded with “If they are tweeting about guns, God, America and like, and with the American Flag and like, the cross…who says that? Who talks like that? It’s for sure a bot” (Russian hacker)

            Facebook, the largest of the social sites, followed suit with their algorithms that they call “deboost,” works exactly like the Twitter program. What is astounding is that these mathematical programs only applied to Christian, conservative, nationalist, Confederate and racially White and never to politically left, Hispanic, Black or Democrat posts. When the despicable football player Colin Kaepernick, posts a horrific statement using four-letter words, describing the president it’s OK.

            Google like Facebook has been relentlessly fooling with me (we had a constant 5,000 friend in 2017), but they have been screwing us down and have restricted access, refused to allow people to become friends, cut off our services and then restarted them relentlessly. It has now been released that Goggle blocked access to conservative, Christian as well as Republicans to alter the 2016 election by it shifting over 10.5-million votes to Hillary Clinton. That is how the worst campaigner in American history got 3.5-million more popular votes than President Trump. It has been widely reported that Google executives said, “you can bet on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” If that does not look scary you regardless of your political affiliation, or your social beliefs, there is no hope for you. Project Veritas posted this information on their Facebook page it was promptly taken down.

            The remaining issue is, when will congress the FTC or the bureaucracy finally take action and break-up these manipulative monopolies. Don’t make the mistake of the Libertarians, who seem to think that market forces will correct the matter. This cannot happen because a de-facto monopoly is already operating in the entire media venue’. There is no comparable competition on the horizon, so market forces in opposition do not exist, and no one has the financial accumen to start one!


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