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Defining who and what you are


            For far too long, we have let our social oppostion define who we are. This is no small matter because the definition imprints upon society a mental picture that in our case is not friendly. The inventors of this process is the UK based Tavistock Institute of Human Behaviour. The Institute was founded in the late 40s as an adjunct to the already existing MI-5 & 6 and to OSS soon to be replaced by president Truman with the CIA. This change was required because the British security services OSS as well as the French Marquis, had become overrun by communists. The Rockefeller Foundation was the largest single financial contributor in the founding of Tavistock.

            Many will stop reading, because they think this to be an unimportant historic commentary, they are dead wrong. What Tavistock had accomplished in changing our society is remarkable and noteworthy. OK, Cop Killer Bullet (Jacketed ammo), Assault Rifle (Semi automatic rifle), Homophobe (opposer to queers and afraid of them), Gay (fag or queer), Freedom Fighters (mercenaries acting on your behalf), White Advantage a mythical invention. Other older phrases particularly in the queer community like, “Coming out of the closet” &  “Wearing a Mask” &  “let his hair down” & Dropped hairpins” all came out of the late 40s with the foundation of Tavistock. Black Lives Matter and La Raza and others races apparently are immune, as you can see, the impact on society of these word and phrase changes, have produced a differing way to look at things, than those things are or were previously seen by the populace.

            This all came about because the NSAP under the propagandist Dr. Göbbels and the Axis was far more successful in propaganda and population manipulation than the Allies. This was recognised by the allies during WWII, but they were unable to confront the propaganda war until the war had ended. When they founded Tavistock, it was in a new and different direction than what Göbbels had done, because in a free society application of enforced change must be hidden, which is not the case in a closed society. They had to nuance’ their propaganda effort, to change the way the general population viewed things. This was the development of words and phrases that would in the coming decades, completely alter the way citizens viewed a large number of topics.

            The process consisted of replacing a word with another; Queer and Homosexual with Gay. This was brilliant; gay had the connotation of happy, carefree, cheerful if you now look it up in a modern dictionary it will say; “primarily refers to a homosexual person”.  Inventing a new word in similar venue’ Homophobe a conjunction of Homo (Man) and Phobe (as in Phobia —fear of) the implied change is to say that straights are afraid of queers. Disgusted is much more likely.  As you can clearly see, language the way humans communicate has the ability to alter the way you look at issues. Everything, of the progressive (socialist) left is directed at social control. Tavistock has been the main instrument of forced change since the early 50s. I wrote an entire book on this topic “Social Compliance,” it’s blacklisted, who would have guessed?

            Now, think about the Antifa movement and how media responds to it. The movement was started in the Weimar Republic of 1920s Germany. Anti fa (opposed to fascism) was started by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht two Judaist communist that ran the German communist party from 1920 to 32. They were the paid agents of the soviet government under the direct supervision of Joseph Stalin, the 2nd greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, China’s Mao was number one. Sort of puts a perspective on history, these two men killed well over 200-million of their own countrymen, just to establish their communist paradise. All of this sort of reminds me of the start of WWII when France and England declared war on Germany because the Germans liberated Danzig, a Germany City surrounded by Poland and guaranteed by the WWI armistice to remain German. The Soviets invaded Poland ten days after the Germans, and then became England and France’s great allies. The Soviet had no cause to invade Poland, unlike the Germans, whose people had lived in the Danzig corridor region, ever since the Hanseatic League beginning in the 14th century. The reason for the French/English alliance with Russia was that all three coveted Germany’s well run economy and growing industrial competition. The diaspora located in London was infuriated that the Germans refused to borrow money from the Rothschild cartel and thus declared war on Germany in 1933 the same year that Adolph Hitler was made chancellor.  The war declaration was made in the primary Judaist Diaspore newspaper of the time The Daily Express, in March of 1933 . Just weeks after Hitler took office.

            How does the media refer to us? Well, we are: White suprematists, Nazis, despicable, fascists, confederates, Southern separatists,  racists, Klansmen the list is endless. Noticeable is that they never evidence any of their slander. It in fact is not different from SPLC and ADL both of which call us haters, but never ever prove their point or articulate who we hate. They call me a Hate Group, they call my publishing house a Hate Group, but they steadfastly refuse to provide one single item of evidence supporting their claims. It does not surprise me one bit, it is the exact thing that their originators, the communists have done since 1900. We live in perilous times, when an organisational structure can slander people and business, that due to its financial power and size, remains immune to legal responsibility for their actions. In 2018 SPLC stated on their web site that I gave speeches at a KKK rally, having never attended one, and not knowing where any such takes place and having told that to SPLC, one would think that they would correct their lies—not so. 

            Lying about events, people and business has in this century become what we call news. Well, some of us, the rest call it fake news. The amount of misinformation, propaganda, omission and lies has attained gargantuan portions. It is so bad, that with possibly two exceptions I no longer listen to the news, at least from America. It is astounding to consider that Russian, (RT News) Swiss TV, Iranian (Press TV)  TV and news and even news produced in Israel is more accurate than what we are subjected to. There are some viable print news sources. Most of the large nations of the West are now in the fake news business, less so in Europe than here, but it is also apparent there. Europeans remain better educated and the social stance is better, economically Switzerland is a better place to live, but we could not afford it. The standard of living is at minimum 25% higher than America. Freedom both economic as well as social is better, with the exception of hate classifications, denying the 6-million “holohoax” fable will get you to jail in a hurry. This sad circumstance was pushed through by Judaists none of which are real Swiss citizens, about the time that Alfonzo D’Amato pushed through his fake case in NY Southern district of NY, against Swiss banks and insurance companies in which Switzerland was blackmailed to pay D’Amato’s Judaist clients millions. The case was either you pay or we legally steal your NY and CT (UBS & CS) assets. At the time several billion dollars in cash, and loan instruments from scores of American corporations, plus the largest trading floor in the country in Stanford CT. (UBS)

            Elizabeth Warren has just announced that if elected she will provide all, queers living together couples a retroactive income tax rebate, because they have been maligned. Social Media site Raverly has banned all Trump supporters because they are White Supremacists. Facebook has opted to ban some people that want to go on my Facebook site because they communication with me, contradicts Facebooks  social policies. Understand this correctly, what facebook is saying is, “we will prohibit your ability to on a one to one basis communicate with another citizen because we dislike the message they sent you”. This is far beyond censorship; it is actually stepping between two people and telling them what they may talk about. I don’t care if you are a liberal, communist, progressive, soicialist or conservative Trump supporter, this sort of interference in human discourse is distressing, and should by some federal agency be prosecuted. 



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