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Gone Wrong


I am an American not but by birth by choice, I immigrated from Switzerland in 1952, when America was the greatest nation in the world. I am an American US army veteran with 30% military disablity. We have over 200 TV channels and wanted to watch the Washington July 4th parade not one singe Chanel had the parade on; and that included C-span and the History Channel. I tried on the Internet on my computer; no such luck. Last week I got a message from Goggle that they would not allow people to contacted me through Goggle Chrome telling me that, if the message sent to me conflicted their internal guidelines, they would block it—OK; so a private message between me and another citizen would be blocked Censored by a third party who was providing the communications link. How long before your electric company will turn off your power because they disagree with your politics?  In California the state assembly voted last week that all churches must accept LGBTQ, etc. Last week google announced that they would block all homeopathic news from the Internet. Meanwhile the off-the-rails DNC 2020 presidential candidates have jointly proposed to spend over $28-trillion per year on various programs to buy votes. Last month my Florida governor in violation of the first amendment made criticising Israel, zionism, or Jews illegal. How long before the people revolt?


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