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Emerging Totalitarianism



                                                                                    Dr. A. H. Krieg A3P director


Being over 70 years old and having lived through WWII in Europe and lived in Mexico I have an excellent understanding of what dictatorships are and how they function. The fact that America is rapidly heading into a despotic state is obvious to anyone of my age. Furthermore every branch of our government is involved. The Supreme Court recently ruled that assistance to terrorism does not necessitate an overt act; all that is required is providing, assistance and/or encouragement, to the act. That in effect means anything from calling the executive a fool, to writing a pro Palestinian article, objecting to Israeli Middle East policies, holocaust denial, anything the bureaucracy disapproves of becomes a violation of this law.

Under the newly enacted (McCain (AZ, R) sponsored with 93 (STUPID) Senators approval NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] the president was granted the right to arrest and detain any American citizens anyplace in the world without a charge, indefinitely, without right to council, without a warrant, and to torture any such American, merely on his say so, or by indictment of a secret court whose members are anonymous. This totally obliterates the Habeas Corpus provisions of the Constitution.  Furthermore this law eradicates the Posse Comitatus Act [18 U.S.C. 1385] of June 18, 1887 that prevented the government from employing American military against American civilians.

The president already took upon himself the right to assassinate any American citizen anyplace in the world without charge, trial, judge, jury, and evidence of a crime, simply on his say-so and has already used that authority to murder.

The enacted and re-approved in 2011 American Patriot Act is the most sinister of all, in that it violates the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth provisions of the Bill of Rights. In expansion it grants the government the right to; rifle your mail, tap your telephone, and inquire into what you are reading. In a stunning overturn of well-accepted fourth amendment rights a federal Court has granted government the right to track your movement with GPS technology including cell phones and GPS equipment.

Meanwhile your local police forces are buying everything from spy drones, to night vision equipment, and are being militarized hand over fist. These weapons and systems that local police are purchasing are not for law enforcement; they are decidedly for issues like crowd control, nighttime secret incursions, combined actions with the National Guard and regular army, which is now possible due to NDAA.  Worse is the fact that numerous airports and facilities around America have had their security services sub-contracted to Israeli security firms. While the goverment contracts training to SPLC for federal agencies and smaller local state agencies follow their lead, SPLC is the most bias twisted anti Christian organization in the land. The federal goverment has established links with The JDL, Mossad assets, The American Jewish Congress, The ADL, and other zionist operatives; while we cannot prove this we know it to be the case. The story put forth by the Mossad that everyone in goverment now accepts as gospel is that Israeli and American security issues are one and the same. This upon examination of issues is utterly ridiculous.

Lest we forget, police are supposed to serve and protect while military kill and destroy, the two functions are wholly incompatible in a Republic. I saw this first hand in Germany from 1938 onward and in Italy, and in Bulgaria and then in the entire Soviet block empire.

In view of the Pollard, Franklin, Rosenberg, and scores of Israeli and zionist spying operations against us and considering the USS Liberty affair, we would be wise to rely on our own security apparatus and not become entangled with the agencies of a nation which has for decades been the most actively spying against us.

We are already underwater with Israeli telephone monitoring and billing operations that have been off-shored by domestic suppliers to Magal an Israeli contractor. Let’s be cognizant of the fact that according to information released last December, there is now operative monitoring of all electronic communications as well as GPS systems. We do not think it rational to allow such information to be sub-contacted offshore.

What we are pointing out here is that all the required means for the operation of a top down police state are either already in place or are being put in place as you read. Even the agencies to administer all this from the federal level, Homeland Security with over 220,000 employees, is a functioning agency run by one of Obama’s dubious associates.

Beginning with 9-11, a false flag operation if ever there was one, the nation has lost one liberty after another, and now we have even lost our most basic right to face our accuser, Haebeas Corpus that has been part of English speaking law since the 12th century. The president meanwhile has taken to himself the right to use our own military against its citizens by voiding Posse Comitatus that was enacted in 1887 after the war of northern aggression to alleviate the excesses of the Yankees as they had looted, raped and burned their way from Richmond to Atlanta. And the elimination of almost the entire Bill of Rights through the enactment of the American Patriot Act, which had been written and ready for enactment for over 15 years before 9-11.

What would it take to instill in a mentally challenged population to strip away what little of our freedoms still exist?  A little arranged action to be blamed on Iran, would make the Neo-Cons very happy, the president could be re-elected, the population induced to war against yet another Middle East nation, then the expansion of more freedom crushing laws, the enactment of national hate laws with the government providing the definition of hate, and there you have it Soviet America Empire of the 21st century.

A3P is decidedly opposed to all these acts and if elected would eliminate all of this heinous crap. Join us and learn more about us at www.American3rdPosition.com 

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