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We note with great interest draconian changes in the democrat Party. These changes have been ongoing but greatly expanded and accelerated since the beginning of the Obama administration.

The Democrat party is about to be taken over by the Communist Party of America CPUSA. The variuos wings of the communist party now number over 65,000 card carrying members. They have substantial financial support from the Open Society Foundation, of George Soros. The main groups involved in the takeover are:  CPUSA, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), Freedom Road Socialist Organization, (FRSO) and the largest of the groups, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) that lists 70-members of the US Congress as members, all list themselves as Democrats. All of the running Democrats for the 2020 presidential election are supporters of this alliance.

CPUSA and DSA will run no candidates in the 2020 presidential elections.

Prediction 2
The winner of the Democrat primary will be a DSA member.

Prediction 3
All DNC, CPUSA, DSA, CCDS and FRSO and other socialists members will support the DNC primary winner.

Prediction 4
Soros, Bloomberg, Abraham, McMahon, Steyer, will all be contributing big money to the DNC.

Prediction 5
The Democrat platform will be the most extreme political statement of the last 100- years. From statements by the existing 24-democrat candidates we can predict what the DNC platform will include:


  1. The Green New Deal.  Cost: $100-trillion $10-trillion a year for 10-years.
  2. Forgiveness of all accumulated college debts. Cost: $1.4-Trillion.
  3. Free education kindergarten to college. Cost: $2.7-Trillion per year.
  4. Cradle to death single payer healthcare. Cost:  14.7% of the economy (medical) 4.2% of the economy (Insurance companies) Annual cost: $2-Trillion 675-Billion.
  5. Free drugs for all medical purposes Cost $2.05-Trillion.
  6. Elimination of the Electoral College, Cost: place the election of the president with NY, CA, FL, IL and OH, the rest of the states population will no longer be required!
  7. Change the supreme Court to more members, Cost: destroy the balance of power.
  8. Increase personal Income taxes to 70% Cost: Drive rich people (Employers)  out of the country.
  9. Increase Corporate Income taxes to 90%, Cost: eliminate investment, stop R&D, drive manufacturing overseas, eliminate pay increases, destroy the entire economy.
  10. Reparations to Blacks and Indians, Cost: as of now undetermined because they have not said how much, however there are no living slaves left and Indians have reservations.Estimated Cost: $500-billion annually.
  11. Eliminate Super PACs. (only good idea)
  12. Abortions anytime for any reason even after birth. Cost: the total elimination of morals and ethics and the destruction of Christianity and Islam.
  13. Infrastructure repair at about $1-trillion.
  14. Amnesty for all illegals, Cost: $875-billion per year for the first ten years.




  1. Open Borders, Cost: About 150-million central and south Americans to North America about $3.4-trillion per year.
  2. Healthcare for illegals, Cost $1.7-Trillion                                                
  3. Elimination of ICE18) Elimination of the Border Patrols.           
  4. LGBTQ , etc., legislation allowing transgenders to compete with women.
  5. Elimination of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution and gun confiscation.
  6. Reducing the voting age to 16—better to increase it to 30
  7. Allowing convicted and even incarcerated felons to vote. (Why not Mexicans?)



            Total annual cost to the economy: $24.25-trillon resulting in USA like Zimbabwe.

            All running Democrats support increasing taxes, all support universal healthcare, all support taxing the rich, all support  free college, all support closing Super PAC’s. Some like Booker, Buttigieg, Castro, Delaney, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Harris, Klobuchar, Moulton and Ryan, are delusional but O’Rourke, Sanders, Swalwell, Warren and  Williamson, are crazy and don’t know how to use a calculator.

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