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Credit rating companies


America has a number of incompetent credit rating organisations. I have been in the offices of one of these, where well over 100 workers were seated in little cubicles industriously rating your credit ability. The fact that many even lacked a HS diploma was immediatly apparent. It is a fact of reality that the people who rate your credit worthiness are not in any way or manner qualifed for their employment. Taking my own as an example, even though I have repeatedly corrected misinformation, correction has not been forthcoming. Their computer system for example refuses to allow me to list my actual address where we have lived for over 4-years,  it want me to put in the address where we lived four years ago. It lowered my credit worthiness because we had a $40 credit dispute with a company that in fact no longer exists. The problem is that we pay our bills and credit card accounts every month, thus we do not have a record of payments. We own no one any money, so our credit according to these idiots must be bad. If we had debt with at least ten separate entities the idiots in the cubicles would up our rating because we are paying our interest debt.

Some federal agency needs to look at this and in some logical manner regulate credit rating companies.


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