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The War Mongers


            The troubling Trump foreign policy spearheaded by Nat. Security Advisor John Bolton and Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, is at the cusp of an effort to destabilise Iran and goad them into some sort of defensive posture, providing cause for an American attack. Naked aggression is the new American foreign policy which in fact is the Mossad IDF policy as outlined in the Oded Yinon plan. This is the plan for Eretz Yisrael that already involved America in the Iraq WoMD war as a surrogate of the IDF and has Saudi Arabia involved in Yemen, and had Hillary destabilise Libya. No one, could say that any of these wars were in any way or manner beneficial to America or to the Middle East or for that matter anyone except Israel. 

            I was opposed to Bolton from day one! But the last straw was when he came back from Israel and pontificated that Netanyahu told him that Iran was up to no good—say is that the same Netanyahu who told us about WoMD in Iraq, or got Hillary to destabilise Libya?  Believing any strategic information provided by Israel, simply evidences gross stupidity. Iran formerly Persia has not attacked anyone in over 2,000 years we sure can’t say that about Israel. I’m taking considerable risk here because our governor has made it a crime to criticise Israel, Zionism or Jews.  So much for the first amendment that has not been read by the FL State Legislature or the Governor.

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