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            To gain an understanding of unfolding events, in this time, we must look at introductory  events at the end of WWII. The manipulation of thought through the alteration of language has been prevalent since its development by Dr. Göbbels by the minister of information of Nazi Germany. Expansion of the process by the Tavistock Institute in the UK and its various affiliates, was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the late ‘40s. Tavistock is a human behavioral operation designed to influence the way you think. Tavistock is an ongoing social engineering project to mind control humanity. They sent Kurt Lewin to MIT in 1945 to establish the research group for Dynamics. By 1948 Lewin founded the Social Psychology Center which he moved to the University of Michigan. The original UK part of Tavistock became part of the British socialised medicine operation called “The National Health Service”. Tavistock had a very cozy relationship with MI-6 as well as the CIA. Operation “Paperclip” that transferred thousands of Nazi scientists to America, included large numbers of social scientists that were assigned to the CIA, Rockefeller Foundation, as well as military cryptography. John Coleman a former MI-6 operative released much of this information in his book “The Committee of 300”.

            In the 1930s Freud had developed the process of destroying the personalities of people (Jung per example) and Tavistock then used the process as a means of social control. They began to use the war-battle “shell shock” now called post-traumatic stress disorder, as a model to be applied in the process of controlling mass of populations minds. Eric Hoffer then in 1951 goes on to explain the process of mass population control in his book “The True Believer”. Tavistock developed an ideology orchestrating a mythical battle between good and evil by directing all cultural spheres into socialist and totalitarian ends. With these processes they destroyed civilisations, developed moral and ethical history and religion, the very two foundational concepts that any rationally functioning society requires to survive.

            They have been eminently successful for the last 50-plus years, certainly more so than most people are cognisant of. Public vocabulary is continuously downgraded, swearing in public, even by women, becomes an accepted practice. Sexual liberation equals political control by socialist progressives. Social engineering is based on research about an enterprise which information is then gathered and used in exploitation of those people. It results in total circumvention of the in-born mental human security systems, by giving the operator access to the subconscious of the victim. Social engineering does not involve technology to manipulate people, it peruses the process of altering peoples perception of what they belief reality is.

            Some Tavistock words that have changed peoples minds are: Homophobe, Gay, Cop Killer Bullet, Assault Rifle, PC, Transvestite in the words of Eric Arthur Blair, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength”. What we have traditionally accepted as human perceptions, sight, ethical judgements, discrimination of facts and illusions has been effectively shut down by the Tavistock’s assault on our senses and been replaced by the virtual reality of fabricated myths of reality. This has totally changed the Zeitgeist of our time of history.

            At the end of WWII a NY Judaist, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., was FDR’s Treasury Secretary. He as well as Roosevelt had an abject hatred of Germans and his plan was to starve all remaining Germans to death at the end of WWII. One of his disciples was Allied general Dwight David Eisenhower who in fact starved, and through exposure to winter weather, murdered 2-million German POW’s. While most people of allied nations belief that Germany started WWII, it was in fact, France and England. In the first two years after the end of the war millions of Germans starved to death through the “Morgenthau Plan," but Harry Truman came to the realisation that if Germany ceased to exist the Soviets would overrun Europe, he put an end to the “Morgenthau Plan” and set into motion the “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Germany and Europe. This forced social decline is a repetitive story, Germany then America and now in the 21st century, Ireland, the European continental nations are already down the proverbial drain.

            The Judaists realised from their experiences in the French Revolution and before, that the ultimate way to destroy a culture was through sex, pornography, homosexuality and feminism.  The Marquis de Sade had seen to pornography in 1778 France. At the end of the “Morgenthau Plan” the US government imported 20 tons of pornographic materials into Germany. The millions of rapes of German women are attested by the fact of the slavic racial influence in Eastern Germany and the Blacks in the West. The new process of mass legal and illegal immigration to Germany and Europe as well as America simply expands the process and further destroys Caucasian populations. At the end of the Iraq war the first act of the American government was the legalisation of pornography. Pornography is one of Americas largest businesses toping GM in annual turnover. Pornography is a 95% Judaist business. It seems regardless of the religion, Islam or Christianity the results of liberalism, as I point out in my book of that title, is the same; once men become addicted to pornography, the culture and society begins to fail. Sexual liberalisation and “Gay” marriage in all forms leads to the identical eventual end. We can see this taking place in every civilization in history, the process is universal and takes the same or similar course. Feminism, a process of Judaist females, it is a decidedly Judaist process, a remarkable fact considering that Jews are the most sexist of religions who repress females at every possible opportunity. You women; sit on the outside side, or balcony in the synagogue ,men sit in the centre women will cover their hair because it might sexually arouse men. Now at least you can understand all those prevented judaist psychiatrists. 

            As successful societies become wealthy, the population becomes lazy, multiculturalism is expanded as foreign slaves, or slave like people, (Mezzos or North Africans) are imported to do manual labor, religious practices of the society are demeaned, perversion, homosexuality, feminism and pornography are made mainstream and institutionalised. The society experiences a collapse of morals and ethics, which are both expanded by Judaist controlled media. A society that has lost its moral compass gradually and inevitably declines, and most certainly ceases to function as a Republic. Think of the Byzantine, Greek and Roman empires. Education, which by this time is a state run enterprise begins dumbing down students. Drag queens are invited to primary schools to read perverted stories like “I Have two Daddies”. Judaist invented pseudo-sciences like sociology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and others are introduced by the idolisation of Judaist perverts like Kinsey, Rorschach, Reil, Battie, Jung, Alder, Klein a veritable who’s who of perversion of science by Judaists. Sex is exemplified morality is denigrated, society collapses.

            Pseudo-Sciences are academic inventions that are not based in reality. Mathematics results in 2 +2 = 4, and in geology; granite is a rock, in physics; the lever provides mechanical advantage, but in economics, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, there are no factual basis, whatever the proponent claims is the produced espoused fact.  A Rorschach test (ink blots) tells us as much about the administrator of it, as it does about the test taker of it. All the pronounced results of economics are nothing more than the personal, and often wrong, assertions of the presenter. Think of the Gray Lady’s economist  Paul Krugman who has not been right in any economic prediction in the last 50 years and remains as the papers prime economic forecaster. Weather predictors are far more accurate than these pseudo-science clods.

            Fake sciences are the preview of Judaists, they have so successfully induced our culture with their junk, that opposition there too, is frowned upon. Cultural Marxism was the enforcer of it in the early 20th century, then 75-years later they changed the name (Tavistock) to Political Correctness; PC for short. PC is now used by establishment government and academia to bludgeon all opposition to any of their fake sciences into compliance.


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