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The largest Hate group in America is SPLC the Southern Poverty Law Center. There is no reasonable doubt about this, most honest liberals of the progressive left agree with that assessment. John Perazzo who is employed by the David Horowitz Center, certainly no bastion of the political right, wrote a 55-page booklet on this issue. SPLC has gone a long way from its first president Julian Bond (1940-2015) who had established SNCC and was induced by Morris Dees to become president of SPLC thereafter NAACP. (1998 to 2009)


Hate, it turns out, is a very profitable business, certainly for SPLC, that today has a bankroll of over $400-million. Much of these funds have been transferred overseas. Considering that SPLC has had to pay out over $60-million in liablity claims, in the more recent past, the transfers are understandable. Morris Dees salery was $334,886 and Mark Potok was paid $140,000. I as well as my publishing company, A2Z Publications LLC, would love to get on the suite-SPLC bandwagon, but we have been unable to find a law-film willing to take a contingency suite and no-one seems interested in perusing a class action event, even though there are sureley over 300 individuals, corporations and association groups, of the more than 900-listed by SPLC, more than willing to provided evidence for such a case. I believe that a class action suite would win based on only my personal and A2Z LLC collected evidence. I am also aware of many individuals who are in the same boat.


Morris Dees who was the founder of SPLC is a real live dirt bag, all you have to do is look up his divorce papers in Montgomery AL, to verify that assertion. For many years Mark Potok was the organiser of the SPLC “Hate Maps” and accusals on their Internet site. Potok as well as Dees have often made the claim that their operation was a sham to make mammon. They do this at the expence of well-meaning Jews who have been frighted by always exaggerated and often fabricated hate against liberals and jews. SPLC has never quantified or explained what hate is and how they make their determination of hate. Their skill of fabricating hate groups out of thin air is simply astounding. Take the Leauge of the South (LoS) it is a single organisation that to my knowledge has never expressed hate against anyone. The Leauge identifies as a White European organisation whose primary goal is secession. LoS stands for Christianity, is pro life, and opposes homosexuality, that is the cause of being labeled a Hate Group. In my own case the matter is almost identical, I am according to SPLC a hater because I have a differing and opposing belief system from the zoinists who mange SPLC. To inflate hate for the capitalisation of money SPLC lists organisations by counting every branch operation separately, consequently A3P the forerunner of the American Freedom Party was counted 14 times for each of their state offices. LoS was counted for every state in which they are active, that is 15 states. A2Z is listed as well as Dr. A. H. Krieg making two, this is the way SPLC expands hate, they take three structures that they identify as haters and make 31 out of them.


Beginning in the 80’s SPLC began altering their definition of hate to include virtually anyone that disagreed with their twisted concepts of behaviour. They expanded hate of all politically right, conservatives, Christians, libertarians, opposers of the LGBTQ community, who according to Mark Potok’s [plan is] “In life, to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them” This is real hate, not the imagined contrived hate that SPLC attributes to their distractors. In fact not one of the afore listed organisations has expressed any hate toward anyone. The SPLC definition of hate is opposing their view of reality, if you disagree with SPLC on any issue you are a detractor and will be listed on their Web Site as such.  Oh, sorry, I made a mistake, all this hate is only possible if you are one of the following, Conservative, Republican, Christian, Straight, White, Anglo Saxon or of European heritage, it never applies to Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, communists, socialists, globalists, multiculturalists, internationalists, antifa or sexual deviants. The binding matter of all SPLC haters is that they oppose SPLC dictums.


Notable about Mark Potok is that he is a propagandist who has had his writings published by the People’s World an online news source for CPUSA the communist party and in a report from Spain, neglected to mention that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought in opposition to Fransisco Franco was a communist Bolshevik organization.


In 1997 the Rome GA John Birch Society was listed as a hate Group. If there is a politically benign organization it is JBS, in fact they are so a-political that I quit my membership over 30-years ago because they were not active enough for me. Greta Fuller was the group chair of the JBS in Rome, GA, she is a conservative, and that in Potok’s little mind is an unforgivable crime. Potok noted in the hate map that the Rome JBS was a “patriot” group and summed that up in the same venue as Tim McVeigh to whom he linked Fuller, Tim was the accused Oklahoma City bomber. The process of “Links & Ties” is a well known propaganda ploy in which the accusers (SPLC) link someone they desire to malign with anyone who is a social pariah. The new schlagwörter developed by SPLC include but are not exclusive to; White, White Suprematist, Nationalist, Christian, Patriots and Conservative. They have included such organisations as Council of Conservative Citizens, [CCC] American Freedom Party, [AFP] Federation for American Immigration Reform, [AIR]  Numbers USA, and the Center for Immigration Studies [CIS] and The John Birch Society [JBS] in their slanderous diatribe. Say, that makes me remember rabbi Meir Kahane and his Jewish Defence League [JDL] and his disciple rabbi Ben-Zion Gopstein who said, “All Churches must be destroyed”. When queried about the Notre Dame fire he replied quoting the Jewish sage Maimonides “no idolatry must be tolerated”. In fact this is inculcated in the halakha chapter in the Talmud the most radically anti-Christian part of the Talmud. In 2018, over 1400 churches were attacked in France, Germany and Belgium, just in France three churches a day, all we ever hear from the lamestream is about attacks on Jews, and anti-Semitism. Conversely there were only 541 recorded incidents of anti-Semitism in France during 2018. (Newsweek) And those attacks in France were not explained, some were simply a slanderous statement.


I must admit that I am delighted to be in company of such luminaries as; Chip Berlet, [AIE] Dinesh D’Souza, [Reagan advisor], Charles Murray, [The Bell Curve], Ben Carson,[Surgeon, MD, HUD Secretary],  Hirisi Ali, [Black Women’s rights activist] Kenneth Blackwell, [Black past Mayor of Cincinnati] Larry Klayman Esq., USDJ prosecutor and manager of Judicial Watch], Mark Krikorian, [Exec. Dir. of CIS] George Allen, governor and Senator from VA] and Jeff Sessions, [immediate past AG USA] All of them, along with me, are apparently haters according to SPLC. The time has come for the IRS to remove the tax exempt status from SPLC, and for congress to enact legislation  that makes wholesale slander over the Internet a federal crime, with prison time.


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