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Michael Avenatti that was Jan through March DNC front-runner for president, has now been charges with 36-more counts including that he stole $6-million from clients, did not pay taxes, committed bank fraud, and lied in bankruptcy proceedings. The indictment is 61-pages long. He is also facing charges in NY for trying to shake down Nike for up to $25-million. Poor Stormy Daniels is looking for a new lawyer. CNN who interviewed  Avenatti 87-times is in dire need of new liars, now that Comey, Clapper, and their other liars are close to the same situation. The IRS has placed $5-million tax levies on Global Baristas US (Avenatti’s coffee company) confiscated his privater jet, and has filed for $4.5-million payroll taxes, $3.2-million personal income taxes, $3.37-million employees withholding taxes , etc. Another example of Democrat excellence!

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