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The US Economy comprises about $15-trillion
Our national debt just topped $22-trillion
Unfunded liabilities of the US government is another $105-trillion
Total US debt is $129-trillion comprising $22 national debt, $107 hidden debt for a total of $129-trillion.


The EU is in much worse shape:
BREXIT is only a small symptom.
As a percentage of national economy European nations have the following debt loads.

  1. Germany          66%
  2. UK                   90%
  3. France              99%
  4. Portugal            128%   (this debt load exceeds the economy by 28%)
  5. Italy                 142%   (this debt load exceeds the economy by 42%)
  6. Greece              180%   (this debt load exceeds the economy by 80%


In France it has become common for police to search travellers looking for large amount of cash for deposit outside the EU.
Cyprus government has plundered all citizens account that exceed EU 100,000 simply stealing their money.
European cash is flowing Ito America as a last resort for Europeans before the bubble bursts.

Platinum is a major industrial commodity. Russia produces 14% South Africa 75% the rest is from Canada. South Africa as an operative economy is over. Electricity production has become spotty, new generating stations built with ANC investment had 100% cost overruns and after five years are factually falling apart because only black contractors were allowed to bid. Platinum is used in electronics, automotive, jewellery, space exploration, and quantities are very limited.

Titanium is primarily mined in Russia. Titanium is used in medicine, aircraft, space technology, submarines and the Russians control the market.
There are limited possibilities for safe investments. Gold, Silver, Platinum and Titanium held as asset, in bullion form would tide you over the projected five year curve.

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