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Why do they vote like this


Let’s look at American cities:


The poorest cities in America are:                                         Cities that are basically bankrupt:


% in poverty—-                                               Democrat administration since:

Detroit MI 32.5%                                 1961                                                    yes

Buffalo NY 29.9%                               1954                                                    yes

Cincinnati OPH 27.8%                        1984                                                    yes

Cleveland OH 27.9%                          1989                                                    yes

Miami FL 26.9%                                  never                                                   yes

St.Louis MO 26.8%                             1949                                                    yes

El Paso TX 26.4%                               never                                                   yes

Milwaukee WI 26.2%                          1908                                                    yes

Philadelphia PA 25.1%                       1952                                                    yes

Newark NJ 24.2%                               1907                                                    yes


The poor and those on welfare keep electing the same people who put them into that predicament!


You cannot take money from Peter and Give it to Paul and expect anything but poverty for all.

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