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White Male and Proud of it


Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE


In the war between Nationalism and Globalism I sit firmly on the Nationalist side without apologies. In the race war I am an unapologetic White Caucasian. In the even more ridiculous war of gender, I am and remain straight as an arrow White male. In all these storms blown up by progressives I am on the correct side and they are wrong; in more ways than I can even count. Our nations ship is in a hurricane initiated by a newly awakened communist movement, the leaders of which, have but one objective; total control of society.

That multinational multiculturalists are perusing the old Vladimir Lenin Cultural Marxist philosophy, whose name they changed to Political Correctness (PC) and that they are on the wrong and eventually losing side of history that will be written in future accounts. They failed in the Weimar Republic; they failed in every socialist society that ever attempted those two failed Judaist systems.

The rule of course, in this century, is to determine whom you are not allowed to criticize, which will then let you see who the directors of our modern society are. Their movement’s core organizers are progressives, another clever name change from socialist and communist, whose failed governments they don’t want to be associated with. The entire cabal of anti White male movements is orchestrated by the largest group of socially ignorant and uneducated controlled groups that it makes your head spin. White male privilege is real; it is the result of White male accomplishment. Consider; Leonardo da Vinci, Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig v. Beethoven, Wolfgang v. Göthe, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, George Orwell, Le Corbusier, Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, Vitruvius, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, Aristotle, Nicolas Tesla—enough, I could go on for pages and for every non-Caucasian male or female list 5-pages of White men. Without hesitation, the anti-male anti-White crusade is the result of group envy.

In every social movement, as we learn from Eric Hoffer, there is a central core. In this war we can ascertain who that is, by observing who it’s planned ultimate beneficiary is. The answer is not simple to find because the actual pervaioures of, those pushing the idea, are not its originators or beneficiaries. Feminism, which is without question one of the major contributors to anti-White male undertaking, certainly would in no way benefit from it. The antifa communist movement primarily made up of millennials and their offspring lack the education or knowledge to realize that they are opposing their own people at the behest of socialist/communist academics, who were prominent in their education, they do not benefit from this clique’s proposals. The LGBTQ-etc. according to Canada there are 14-genders, are in my opinion confused individuals that have been physiologically indoctrinated into believing something that cannot be. I had a very good friend who went the transgender way, between injections, operations, and utter confusion she/he past away at a relatively young age—such is the price of bad judgment. Regardless, none in that community gain any benefit from the socially induced malady. There must be some group who from behind the curtain manager’s all this.

Indeed there is! For over 2,000 years a small group of well organized miscreants, self-identifying as a race, religion or nationality, whichever suites the circumstance best, have been at the center of this. The very clever multiple self-identity allows them to hide their nefarious intent. They have also for millennia created a victimhood scenario, which allows them to hide their commitment by always claiming to be the victim. If you, as in this article, accuse them of anything they will immediately call you out as an anti-Semite. This is based on but another lie, which is a major support of their falsely created history. These people behind the scenes are Ashkeanzim, Turkmen from the Caucuses in Asia Minor; they are not related in any manner to the Hebrews, that in fact are Caucasian Semites just as are Arabs.

To understand their plan you must read many historic documents including, The Communist Manifesto, The Talmud, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, 200-Years Together, The Gulag Archipelago, Das Kapital, basically books that the Nazis burned. Oh, I forgot that’s not what they teach academically or portray in movies. You see they control modern society from one end to the other, banking, education, media, and entertainment and more recently, America politics.

They see Caucasian males as their great enemy, the intellectual spear opposing their planned oligarchy. To those ends they have created an entire host of group-fools Adam Schiff per example (I. CA) [I stands for idiot] on (CBS) Face the Nation “Congress has the fundamental interest in two things. First, getting to the bottom of why this witness came before us and lied, and who else was knowledgeable that this was a lie” this was about the Buzzfeed “FAKE NEWS” that Trump told Cohen to lie. By the way, repeated by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS (this was after Mueller debunked the story) but it goes on…The Guardian (London) Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange, Manafort by his own testimony has never been in the Ecuadorian Consulate in London in his entire life…. CNN (Again) Lanny Davis was the source of the FAKE NEWS story about a meeting between Lanny and Trump and Davis at Trump Tower in NYC….CNN FAKE NEWS Trump has advance access to Wikileaks releases….Fortune Magazine FAKE NEWS  RT took over C-Span….Washington Post FAKE NEWS Russia hacked the American Electrical grid….MSNBC FAKE NEWS the Russians were responsible for the Havana Cuba sickness of American diplomats…well we now know it was a Cuban beetle it was more FAKE NEWS. There is a very obvious backdrop to all of this. The animus against Russia is a Media, that is by over 90% Judaist. It is not only misdirected but is false; Russia is a Caucasian Christian nation that previously as the Soviet Empire was a communist Judaist run cabal. The Judaists lost control of Russia and power went back to the Russian Orthodox Church and they so hate this, so much that they will go to any ends to instigate a war between the West and Russia. Never mind that our real adversary is China.  The astounding fact remaining is that none of these fake news sources ever apologies or recants their false reporting.

These idiot Judaists continue to spew lies at ever-increasing rates and then wonder why people turn off their fake news services. We have now reached the point where I must go to RT-news, NZZ-news, The New American, The Nationalist Times, The Lantern, The Citizen Informer, American Free Press and the Washington Time Weekly to find out what’s going on. All mainstream media sources have now reached the point of unreliability. This is the act of an outside source that has a definite agenda, and that agenda is the elimination of the Caucasian West European race through attacking its male members.

My daughter-in-law had a very interesting take on this and it is worth repeating, she is employed in the medical field and thus has good understanding of the opioid epidemic. She said, and I paraphrase, “So many people lack common sense and many especially in cities are dumb and uneducated. The government schools keep them that way. They have no aspirations in life outside having a good time ---money, food, TV and their Obama-phone. They can’t cope with their world not being perfect. They take medications –all of them—if you even try to help them they can’t face reality, they simply take a pill”. These are the people that make up the bulk of the Hate White movement that the Judaist media then expands and publishes.


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