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Dr. A. H. Krieg

 Schumer and Pelosi have painted themselves into a corner from which there is no escape. They have succumbed to the radical left—the progressive wing of the party that is unquestionably in total control of party policy. They did this before the Mid-Term election in order to ensure their retained leadership. They required support of the radical left to maintain party leadership. The problem is that about 15% of the population is über-left and 15% is über-right the rest or 70% of Americans are in-between but by about 5% more right. Both parties are in fact fragmented into a radical left-right control.

The Republicans are by majority Trump supporters with a segment of RINO’s, like Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Ryan and McConnell. Democrats are separated into progressives and socialists like Sanders, Cortez, Clinton; who represent delusional plans designed to garnish votes of people who can’t add. Free education through college, free healthcare for all, forgiving all student debt, expansion of unions (have been in decline for four decades) elimination of all fossil fuel electric generation plants, abortions for everyone everywhere at any time, (DSA site) and a 70% income tax. How this would be paid for is never ever on the table. Just to clarify the cost of just that, over the coming decade is over 20-trilion dollars, above budget, and no more electricity.

Even worse for the Democrats is that they have offered no plan no future, they are the party of NO-NO- and NO again, the DNC plan for 2019 is impeach Trump—but they are unable to articulate a reason for it, to stick to the socialist agenda that the vast majority of the people oppose, that is financially untenable and sanctuary cities and states, open borders (the elimination of America as a viable nation) and appear to have nominated Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as their spokesperson, and she has articulated more silly ideas than any four-year-old that I know.

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