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Dr. A. H. Krieg

My good friend Robert Balaicius is the first person in my knowledge that has defined and explained a totally new disease, most commonly shared by millennials and their offspring. IHRDDS is “Irrational Hatred of Reality Dysphonia Derangement Syndrome.” He is much to kind.

Just an example “The Wall” in history: Hadrian’s Wall between Scotland and England, the Bangalore Fence in India, the wall around China The Wall of Jericho, and other wall’s around the world; the Vatican, Obama’s house, Israel’s apartheid wall on the West Bank and Gaza, the White House, Every American embassy, the Sumerians’ Amorite wall, the great wall of Gorgan, the Byzantine wall around Constantinople, the Berlin wall, civilization has been building walls beginning in 4,500-BC to the 21st Century and all of them worked. Just to expand on that the following people live behind walls and bodyguards: Maxine Waters, Bill & Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Michael Bloomberg, Bill de Balsio, and and the entire U.S, legislative elected, all of us toothless deplorable’s ,who can’t afford bodyguards or walls are left to our own devices. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s assertion that wall don’t work, is stupid to be kind. Both of them have bodyguards and live behind walls.

5.6-million fools have watched a video based on the ridiculous assertion that “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is seriously problematic. Among the claims is that Santa is marginalizing young Rudolph as well as admonishing the other reindeer not to play with him, Santa is a bully! What crap—this is why the children of millennials are so clueless and incompetent, no one ever corrected their miscreant behavior. This is why they don’t interact with each other and instead bang their thumbs up and down on electronic devices, to the ends, that they can barley engage in human discourse and have become illiterate.

Canada entering the gender fracas, in the form of PM, Justin Trudeau, with similar qualifications as our very own Jimmy (the Twit) Carter, has determined that there are 14-genders. No one, not even Canadian academics have been able to list all of them without referring to a written play book, however failing to do so by one academic on Tucker Carlson’s TV show got him suspended. Universities now have gender sensitive language requirements—she is wrong, it is now Z, herself is wrong it is now them, new pronouns include; he is out, replaced by Co and co-self, yo, is for he or she yas is him or her. These academic morons, that have stopped teaching subjects they will allow their students reasonable employment after matriculation, are destroying our ability to communicate.  Another year of this crap and we will have the language ability of chimps—sorrrry monkeys! Perhaps they have a new theory, we didn’t evolve from apes they evolved from us.

Judaists now totally control banking, media and the social media of the Internet. Through this it is now proven that they control the outcome of election, block book-publishing, flood our society with fake news, especially on Trump and the Middle East, control Internet payments, stifle human discourse, destroy social cohesion, force societal dis-harmony, promote their delusional holocaust myths, totally control academia and education and bring to full failure, while functioning their victimhood embezzlement of everyone. We no longer require National Socialists burning the Talmud, Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, German Ideology, Leon Trotsky, The Revolution Betrayed, Mishneh Torah, The Kuzari, Zohar and other communist and Judaist texts; today we have total Judaist control of all the means of communication, which are well able to censor before publication. Book burning is out, blockage before production is in! Or as John Kaminski articulates; “The Worlds most untrustworthy people have long been in charge of the world’s communications systems, which means your expectations of getting authentic information from anywhere are profoundly slim”.

The undeniable fact of all this is not that a small tribe of people control all the levers of power of information, but the sad fact that the majority by 97% does absolutely nothing in their own behalf. Judaists represent less than 3% of our population, but are 14% of our elected officials, over 50% of State Department administration, over 85% of banksters, total control of the FRS, (a private corporation) by a majority of well over 87% of progressives in academia, and 95% of media. The most acute issue is, that by controlling all the money they control everything. 

Surprisingly there are are about 40-million Christian-zionists who have by their ministers been brain-washed into a belief–system contrary to their own and their nation’s best self interest. The messages of these charlatans are; God sanctions zionism, zionist (Jews) can do no wrong, Christianity is related to Judaism, (Judeo-Christianity) a slogan invented in the 20th century, they are the Chosen of God, they are a people apart, they are according to the leader of this movement John Hagee (Cornerstone Church St. Antonio TX) infallible in everything. The reason Hagee and other of his ilk peruse this line of reason, is that they are global Evangelist Media Television pastors, as such they must comply with the zionist owners of their airwave source ideology or they will be off-the-air in a heartbeat.

The reality that is blocked from publication, especially in media and books, is the fact that modern Judaists are by 97% Ashkeanzim, which are Turkmen that converted to Judaism in the 6th century-AD. Hagee and others who offer their specialized Judaist invented zionism for Christians, are liars and they know it. Ashkenazim are in no way related to Hebrews of the Old Testament (the Torah) they never in all of history lived in the Levant they are Caucasian Turkmen originally in the Caucuses, not Semitic Hebrews or Arabs that come from the Levant. The entire scenario composed by Ashkenazim and propagated by protestant Christian media ministers is a lie. The Caucuses are located in what today are Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on the South Eastern end of the Black Sea, which is 2,001-klm. Removed from Jerusalem.   

IHRDDS is a disease seated in ignorance of history and the relentless cascade of misinformation spewed out by protestant ministers and provided by Judaists in order that they might enjoy greater wealth through victimhood based on their false historic narrative. It is the fault of the Judaists that we are nationally, morally, ethically, socially and financially bankrupt. They have stolen from us by their usury banking procedures that has among other things given America a national debt based on the miracle of money backed by nothing, created fictitious personal debt seated in usury mortgages, car loans costing three hundred percent the cost of a vehicle, provided for pornography, pedophilia, and child sex slaves,  that has destroyed our moral character, confused our youth with gender equality of straights, homos, lesbians, and scores of other sick deviations and is now in the middle of destroying our history and information technology. 

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