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Etiquette plain and simple: with 20 answers


Dr. A. H. & Mrs. Audrey Krieg

This is for the new X generation, especially females who are confused!


We don’t want to appear to be perpetual complainers, however most all of you have been brought up by millennials. We don’t want to appear to be degrading your parents, but we must tell you that, on social etiquette they are clueless. Lets put some things right!

  1. Audrey is a married woman and should be addressed as Mrs. Krieg.
  2. Ms. is not a correct means of addressing any female regardless of her social position. Ms. is the abbreviation for manuscript.
  3. The correct way to write a married woman’s name is Missus or Missis or is abbreviated as Mrs.
  4. If you are addressing a married female in formal terms it is Mrs. Adrian Krieg.
  5. If you are a Hispanic female you can use your maiden name then hyphenated with that of your husband. (Audrey Jones-Krieg)
  6. Only women politicians or bureaucrats wives use their maiden name so that they rake in more money and the public will be none the wiser (Nellie Ohr-Hauke – worked for Fusion GPS producing the Steele dossier under her maiden name Hauke while her husband worked for the Justice Department, and was fired)
  7. Any unmarried woman is a Miss. The reason is obvious as is a wedding ring; it is to allow single males to determine if the female is eligible.
  8. Men are always addressed as Master prior to puberty and Mister (Mr.) or Sir if over 18 after puberty.
  9. There are only two genders, male and female, anyone who disagrees with that is either stupid or delusional. (If you are still confused, get undressed. and look at yourself in a mirror)
  10. Canada claims 14 genders, that is not PC it is moronic.
  11. Countries have borders so that their legal structure is defined; open borders would eliminate nationhood and constitutional law.
  12. Sanctuary cities, states and towns are an attempt by progressives to destroy the nations sovereignty.
  13. Affirmative action laws and actions are racist.
  14. Mainstreaming in public schools is the process of incorporating the mentally and physically incapable into classrooms thus lowering all standards. (1950 to 2019 student competency from #4 in the world to # 13 or #34 depending on subject)
  15. Affirmative action in education advances the incapable, lowering all standards.
  16. Affirmative Action in employment leads to the bankruptcy of the business. 
  17. Feminism is a female supremacist concept that is opposed by over 75% of females.
  18. Pornography that is now one of the largest business enterprises in the world is totally run by Judaists to destroy organized religion and society.
  19. The concept that that US constitutional law applies to illegals and that International law supersedes our constitution; is wrong. (Justice Ginsberg)
  20. When a man opens a door for a female; the correct response it to say thank-you, stepping on his foot or ignoring him is rude and un-feminine.
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