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Foolish Disorder & even worse Media


                                                                                    Dr. A. H. Krieg

The ueber-left demonstration that began in Zuccotti Park near Wall St. in Manhattan and then spawned copy demonstrations nationally have demonstrated the failure of American education in the most prolific manner that I can in my 73 years recall. They turned Zuccotti Park into the NYC lamestream media Mecca by which a few hundred participants clearly made fools out of the entire media, the progressive wing of the Democrat Party along with the Obama administration all of whom supported the participants as best they could. To paraphrase Sir Winston, The demonstration exhibited all the failures of socialist thought, as the philosophy of failure in that the demonstrators were obviously not employed or looking for jobs, the creed of ignorance, which was ever so obvious every time a journalist asked a relevant question and got a stupid response, the gospel of envy, by which the demonstrators articulated their only real demand, which is that those who work should share the “spoils” of their income with those who refuse to work, to the end product that the entire society should share in the socialist misery of failure.

            Unfortunately is only the tip of the iceberg. The Internet posting of demands that went up after the first week, which by the way, none in the media noticed, was totally rendered through plagiarism from the communist manifesto. CPUSA was most certainly behind the mechanics of organization of the entire group of demonstrations. When you consider that the communist party has indicated that they will not run a candidate in 2012, instead supporting Obama for a second term, Obama support becomes crystal clear.

The media, in predictable manner compared the demonstrations to 1) the Arab Spring, which also seems to be producing results contrary to Western wishful dreams for the democratization of the Middle East, 2) The Tea party, that obviously to any outsider, shares absolutely no similarity with the “motley mob”, and lastly 3) the civil rights marches which is a racial slur against blacks and an insult to a huge social movement.

Let us clearly understand the variance of this event in comparison to those of the past and present. None of the other movement’s participants were anarchists, rapists, public fornicators, drug addicts, nor did they threaten society with fire bombings, mayhem, social unrest, or any other deviance. And in no other instance did it require bulldozers to clean up the mess when they were in this case forcibly removed.

Bloomberg, ever the progressive leftist NYC Mayor supported the demonstration until the taxpaying business organizations in the vicinity of Zuccotti Park began to howl about the loss of business, filth, crime and the residents about the relentless drumming din that disturbed their ability to sleep. It took three months for Bloomberg to finally end the fiasco.

Being a child of the 30’s I well remember my parents telling me about the situation brought about by the communists in Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Germany (in the 20’s and 30’s) whereby the communists in an attempt to take over those nations were thwarted by the Fasisti in Italy and the Nazis (National Socialists) in Germany and Austria. At about the same time fascist governments were established in response to attempted communist takeover in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. While Spain under Franco and Portugal under Salazar and Brazil remained neutral the others were active participants against the communist threat that rightly terrified them into joining the Axis. Under Soviet leadership the communist were to murder over 100 million of their own citizens in Russia Georgia, and other satellite nations, while the communist Chinese vastly outdid them in the 50 years of hard leftist rule murdering well over 125 millions.

Bear in mind that these communists are much loved by the American progressives the media and Republocrats who would like nothing better than an American communist state. These are the very same organizational structure that we saw in the 20’s and 30’s in Europe Asia and Latin America; the tactics likewise are now gradually aligning with those of the past. Do not delude yourself this is not some bubble in time, it is the beginning of what is planned, what is to come, mobs in the streets, economies and the Euro and Dollar destroyed, all to the end that the progressives get control of society. Control of money, control of you and permanent office in DC without elections!

We often make the mistake to think of our elected leaders as our agents in Washington, nothing is further from the truth. With incomes exceeding $ 244,000.00 a year, guaranteed lifetime incomes, guaranteed pensions, guaranteed healthcare for them and their entire families and basically free everything, they represent themselves not you. They have no interst in you save giving you some lip service; they are interested in only one thing, re-election. 87% of our congress is reelected every year, Obama has raised almost one billion dollars for his reelection campaign, what we have established in America is a ruling oligarchy that automatically reestablish itself every two or four years.

Who are the enablers of this vast left wing conspiracy? The enablers are those who provide the funds for politicians for their re-election campaigns. The largest contributors are Ponzigonifs, banksters, trial lawyers, insurance companies, and the Pharmaceutical industries. Not to be forgotten are the foreign aid funds realigned through AIPAC the largest and most prominent lobby in Washington.

If you, like I, are disgusted with this entire mess switch your political alliance to A3P American Third Position it is the alternative to the status quo. We are building a political party from scratch and want you to join. Write to A3P POB 5400 Grand Forks, ND 58206. A mere $ 40 will get you an annual membership, send more if you can afford it, and don’t forget to contact your local registrar of voters indicating your new party affiliation.


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