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Hate Expansion


Dr. A. H. Krieg                   

Ingrams, Lighting Source, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, and virtually all social media sites apparently were not enough for the political censors of opinion and facts. The newest member of the suppressers of information is Jeff Bezos the owner of AMAZON the largest bookseller in existence, who just purchased the überleft Washington Post, he already owned American Daily Newspaper. Move aside Geörgy Schwartz, you’ve been out-censored. Jeff will henceforward define truth, honesty and the American way! This has now attained a scope of social control that would make Dr. Göbbels blush. We are at the point where information and news is now controlled by a very small group of leftists. Amazon is well known in the book distribution business as radically left. With control of the two most prominent newspapers The Washington Post, and NY Times and the largest book wholesaler Ingrams and the largest POD printers Lighting Source and LuLu, the jig is up, the political right has ben silenced.


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