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At the End of my Tether


Dr. A. H. Krieg


In Michigan the Newaygo Public School District is about to be sued by a bunch of atheists because they have a multicultural display of three wise men on display. The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists, claim that the display violates the separation of church and state. The fact that no such separation exists in law seems not to impact the issue. Over 2,000 residents of the town sent a petition to the school district that it is a tradition that is over 40-years old and they want the display up.

Reported on Dec 3/2016 by the US census Bureau is that as of 2018 a staggering 63% of non-citizens are on some form of welfare. Think on that, we have 43-million non-citizens living in America; that means we have 27-million foreigners mooching on our economy and taxpayers, of up to $70,000 per year per person.

Reported by the NY Post, Al Sharpton made a deal with his own charity “The National Action Network” to pay him $ 531,000 for his “life story: for a ten year term. So, I get it, unable to swing a Hillary or Michelle book deal with some crooked payola publisher he just took money he collected for charity and spent it on himself. No word from the IRS and his fake 501 (c)  (3).

US district Court judge Bernard Freedman (Judaist) declared in November 2018 that Female genital mutilation was fine with the government, it has been outlawed in over 30-nations.

Federal Judge Timothy J. Kelly ruled that the president lacks the authority to remove Jim Acosta regardless of how outrageously he behaves at presidential news conferences. Does that mean I can act like a total ass in his courtroom and he cannot remove me?

Federal Judge Jon S. Tiger an Obama appointee ruled that the president does not have the authority to stop asylum seekers, or stop granting asylum, to anyone. Obviously judge Tiger has never read the constitution that clearly states that the president enforces polity, the congress makes laws, judges do not make law or enforce but adjudicate issues. I certainly hope that judge Tiger has removed the locks and doors in his home.

US District judge Carlton Reeves of Mississippi stated that men who oppose abortion simply want to control women.

US District judge Edgardo Ramos (PR) ruled that it was illegal for the president to withhold funds for sanctuary jurisdictions. My contention is: Ramos is an ass, that has not read article II of the US constitution.   

You see where I am going with this! America has become a Looney bin! We now have a three tier legal system comprised of the wealthy and politically well placed who remain innocent regardless of what they do, Illegals and non citizens are deemed unable to violate law and the rest of us are convicted of wrongdoing in our sleep. Judges routinely violate their oaths of office and make law from the bench.

A realization of events in the last 50-years amply illustrates these facts.  As Judaists gained control of media, education, banking and large parts of government (Half of the State Department and 14% of federal legislature) the war against White Christian America, in which we are now embroiled, became the prominent issue. From 1960 to 1990 US population increased by 41% more than half of that was by legal and illegal immigrants. In the same time the GDP increased by 300% and social spending (welfare, refugee spending) increased by 550% and inflation (the primary product of banking and government) rose by 630%. While all this was taking place we increased spending on education (primary) by 225% and educational programming was changed from education to indoctrination. The resulting horrific impact on the nation is hardly ever mentioned by any media source. From 1960 to 1990 violent crime increased by 560%; illegitimate births by 405%: divorce by 400%; children in single family homes by 300%; teen suicides by 200%; and Prior to 1960 Teachers primary problems were; talking out of turn, making noise, running in the halls, chewing gum, and cutting into lines, by 1990 that changed to; assault, robbery, rape, violence, suicide, pregnancy, drugs and alcohol. Those responsible for this change are the progressives i.e. Judaists who have since time immemorial been the harbingers of these liberal policies.

By this we are readily able to see the impact of liberalism, progressivism, multiculturalism, and socialist philosophy on society. The very Jews who instigated all these changes now decry the reduction of civility, claiming that “Hate” is a national problem and we must all confront hate. Hate is an emotion, it is not the problem, our problem is liberalism and the Judaist enforced, by their organizations, social actions. Organizations like SPLC and ADL routinely accuse Whites, Christian, conservative and politically right people and organizations, of hate, without any provided evidence supporting the accusal. I have become an expert in this, bearing the bulk of such false hostilities against my person as well as my publishing company. The fact of the matter being that neither of these two organizations when confronted will back up their accusations, with any factual supporting evidences, they in fact are the haters.

SPLC has included over 900 (by them called) “Hate Groups”, without one iota of provided evidence against a single one. In fact when you download the 900+ list you can take any ten in sequence and find that the majority are not groups at all, they are churches, corporations, and individuals. Obviously no synagogues are listed and real hate groups like The New Black Panthers, Black Muslims, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, the Antifa movement, ADL, SPLC & NAACP are not listed as hate groups. This problem will continue to fester and become worse as the new censors (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, et al) expand their influence over communications.

The next phase has already begun! The Judaists are now demanding that the Holy Bible and Holy Koran must be expunged of any hateful language about Jews. This comes from the people who decry the Old Testament (Torah) first five books of the Old Testament written in the 4th century as a bunch of rubbish provided to Muslims and Christians as a fable and that the only holy book is the Babi. (Babylonian Talmud) The Babi is the most aggressively hateful religious document in world existence and is continuously added to. Among the Babi’s worst is the claim that all non-Jews are animals without souls and have been placed on the planet, for the sole purpose of being servants to Jews and that any Jew is worth 10,000 non-Jew lives. The Talmud states that Rabbis killed the Jesus Christ by being boiled in a bucket of excrement and that Christ’s mother was a whore. On Islam Maimonides a Sephardic rabbi philosopher said that Muhammad was insane; rabbis have since the sixth century not accepted Muhammad as a prophet of god, and Muslims are animals just as Christians and that Jews are the chosen of God. This new phase entered into in the 21st century will be expanded and is already under consideration in Canada by the Episcopalians.

This is an expansion of the communist antifa philosophy enforced by Cultural Marxism whose nefarious name was changed to Political Correctness (PC) to hide its origin. No one can deny the Judaist expansion of PC used by every major Judaist controlled business and place of education, to enforce PC on the Western World in effort to destroy the Caucasian race and Christianity. No different for Islam, Israeli “Moment Magazine” as reported by Jewish Telegraph Agency June 1 2009 said: (to a rabbi) “Q. How should Jews treat their Arab neighbors? The responding Chabad rabbi said, “Destroy their holy sites. Kill men women and children, they are but cattle!”

Dr. Benjamin Franklin best explained the outcome of our presently enacted policies; “History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people. The ordaining of laws in favor of one party of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and aught to enjoy….”


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