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A Requiem George H W Bush


By: Dr. A. H. Krieg

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Bush was the original Osama bin Laden accuser. Just for the record Osama’s code name when he worked for Bush’s CIA was Tim Ossman whose best friend was Saddam Hussein. The weapons of mass destruction were a Mossad fabrication. It was under H. W. Bush that Iraq was supplied with chemical weapons by the CIA. Bush as previous CIA director was well apprised of that.

The CIA employee Susan Lindauer claimed she was briefed four months before 9-11 by the CIA about the coming attack and was the CIA liaison officer in negotiations with Hussein before the war. Saddam offered to purchase one million US cars a year if they left him and Iraq alone. The American charge de affair told Hussein that America did not care about his incursion of Kuwait before he did it. She came forward a a whistleblower and Bush had her arrested and imprisoned under the Patriot Act, they did not released her until, she signed a gag order one year later.

The relentless media circus of the Bush funeral never mentioned that the Bush family has been the primary bankers and agents of bankers for the New World Order for the previous three decades. They never mentioned that the entire Bush’s have been members of Skull and Bones and that his father Prescott was also a Bonesman.

Prescott Bush was a member of the board of Union Bank who was partially responsible for the financing of Nazionalsozalistische Arbeiter Partei of Germany. He was charged with trading with the enemies act, got a slap on the wrist, and went on to be elected Senator 1952-63 for CT.

By 1954 Bush through his Zapata Oil Company was very wealthy and was being used by the CIA and their mafia employees, in attempts to oust Fidel Castro. That’s why the “Bay of Pigs” was called “Operation Zapata”. Two ships used in the invasion attempt were the “Houston” and the “Barbara J” Houston for the place Zapata was incorporated and Barbara for Bush’s wife. In 1969 Zapata took over United Fruit Co. that had been a CIA asset for decades.

Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the blame for the JFK assassination in which a bullet was claimed to have been fired from the 6th floor of the book depository at a 30 degree down angle at the presidents car traveling around a bend a 15 MPH that entered the presidents head from the front with the depository in back of the motorcade. Oswald in classic fashion was then assassinated by Jacob Leon Rubenstein (alious Jack Ruby) a terminally sick, Mafia hit man, who then died in prison.

JFK did not support Operation Zapata and fired the long-standing CIA director and communist FDR appointee Allan Dulles. JFK said he would break the CIA into a thousand pieces, break up the FRS, and stop the Israeli Dimona nuclear facility construction in the Negev desert, shortly after that he was assassinated. Dulles was then put in charge of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of JFK. 

Bush was the founding member for “Operation Gladio” a CIA, NATO, MI-5, Mossad joint false flag covert program to attack civilians in Europe and the Middle East and then blame anyone they wanted. One of these was IDF attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) that Bush, president LBJ, JFK’s vice president that resulted in the deaths of 34-US sailors and the injury of 174 US sailors. All of which was covered up by LBJ. Other OG false flag operations were the recent Las Vegas shooting, among others. Whistleblower and former Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper claimed that he was made aware of OG 15-years before, during a secret CIA program that used drugs and hypnosis at shooters schools.

Operation 40 was another CIA program originating the Bush’s directorship of the CIA. In fact there is an existing series of photos of H. W. Bush at the front door of the book depository in Dallas directly after the JFK assassination.

Prescott Bush was a close advisor to president Eisenhower and is said to have been the originator of Operation 40 that has been implicated in Watergate, The MLK assassination, the murder of Bobby Kennedy, as well as others.

Not to be forgotten is NAFTA & CAFTA who originated in H. W. Bush’s presidency, which lost America 11.7-million jobs and 54,000 small business closures.

Bush was also the president who gave a speech about 1000 points of light, referring to the 1000 Bones members who control a large part of American banking. J. P. Morgan Chase along with Brown Brothers Harriman & CO the largest private bank in America and the acting manager of the Yale Trust fund, total assets under management are $4.7-tillion, custody accounts $543-billion, $310-billion of assets.

            Not to be forgotten is the failed Reagan assassination by John Hinckley Jr. who is the son of a business partner of George Bush, and long time friend of the Bush family in Houston, and who’s other son Scott Hinckley was the best friend of Neil Bush.

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