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Climate Rubbish


Climate Rubbish                                                     12.01.18

Dr. A. H. Krieg


From a coming new Ice age, to global warming, to climate change all caused by mans actions, the story is changed every year and all of it is BS.


For 123-years beginning in 1895 “Climate Scientists” have relentlessly advocated the end of civilization and mankind due to weather. The “Gray Lady” originated the process in Feb. 1895 claiming that the world may be frozen up again—a new ice age a NY Times fancy. The LA Times not wanting to be left out in 1902 headlined the “Disappearing glaciers…. scientific fact, as proof of man’s final annihilation. In Oct. 1912 someone named Prof. Schmidt warns of a coming ice age in the NY Times. From 1912 to 2015 no less than 30 claims of our human demise of either a new ice age or the melting of the polar ice caps that according to them would cause most costal cities to be covered with 50 feet of water. Al Gore produced his tome “Earth in the Balance” which I reviewed, finding no less than an average of one scientific mistake per page in the first 50-pages. From the latter 20th century to today 21 books were published that dealt with climate change, mostly caused by man, all fiction. Pronouncements that the Oceans are rising by inches every year, are commonplace, all are fictitious.

Taking all these claims one at a time, let us begin with oceans rising:

The claim by “Climatists” is that all oceans are rising at alarming rates because the polar ice caps are melting and glaciers are shrinking, all due to human action. We all know that oceans are affected by lunar and Solar motion, which produces tides, these vary depending on locations from 16.3 M in the Bay of Fundy and 15 M in the Severn Estuary in the UK to the lowest tidal changes of about 2M, additionally all oceans are subject to wind that produces waves. Climatists claim that they can measure a change in one Centimeter of ocean height; I say that is impossible based on the movement of water in the oceans. No one to my knowledge; has ever refuted the fact that climatic conditions change up as well as down, over time and has always done so, what is false is that man causes this to occur. Climate change is exclusively caused by solar activity and solar winds that have 11-year cycles, caused by intense magnetic activity in the sun. We were at a maximum cycle in 2011 that will be diminishing for the coming time to 2022. There are as we know also long cycles that cause ice ages.

Man causes the depletion of Ozone and we will all subsequently die due to solar radiation:

This would kill us all. Shortly after Al Gore’s invention, NASA’s budget was up for re-approval, which was very contentious. NASA then put out a news release stating that they had determined that there was a hole in the ozone layer just as Al Gore who was the originator of the myth, stated and they required more money to research this phenomenon. Simultaneously the Thomas Midgley patent for Freon held by DuPont was about to expire ending their monopoly of 20-year refrigerant Freon production. Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) compound (Chlorodifuoromethane) that has a molecular mass of 86.47 g/mol. Ozone is a compound of three atoms of Oxygen that has a molecular weight of 48. g/mol, about half the weight of Freon. The ozone layer is located between 10 Klm to 16 Klm in the stratosphere. Freon released into the atmosphere immediately falls to ground and is destroyed by bacteria, the contention established by DuPont and NASA that man made Freon caused the ozone hole is rubbish, how could a gas that goes to ground possibly effect a gas in the stratosphere?  This of course was not news—the ozone hole over the North and South Polar Region always shrinks in winter. Ozone is produced by high voltage electrical discharges (lightning) and solar ultraviolet radiation. The earth rotates on a 27 degree around its own axis, which gives us our four seasons. During the six months of winter in the north and South Polar Regions there is no solar radiation and no lightning, thus a hole in the ozone layer that closes during the polar winter. The process reverses in summer closing the ozone hole. The entire fairy tale was to allow DuPont to get a new patent (R-134a) and get another 20-year monopoly. NASA got their budget increase and Al sold a lot of books and made a lot of money.

Global temperature is rising because man produced CO-2 is increasing world temperatures:

This is another lie. Our atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, and 0.04% CO-2 there are also trace elements of neon, helium, methane, krypton and hydrogen. Let us first understand that CO-2 is by quantity in the oceans (37,400 billion tons) bio-landmass (2,500 billion tons) the atmosphere (720-billion tons) and human production primarily through the use of carbon based fuels (6-billion tons). By conversion we can surmise that man-made CO-2 production is about 1.7% of total production of CO-2 or about 0.0023% of total CO-2 production, which is negligible. Nature is God’s invention and is self-regulating. Plants consume CO-2 (inhale) and exhale oxygen, if CO-2 levels rise, plants invigorated by the CO-2 grow more and consume the excess producing more oxygen in the process.

For over 120-years we have been told by charlatans, whose basic only interests lie in controlling humanity that those climatic changes are caused by man, and that they have the solution—just put us in charge and everything will be fine! In fact climatic change has been a constant in world history from original formation to today. The last Ice Age was 2.6-million years ago and lasted 11,700 years, and then there was a Little Ice Age from the 13th to the late 18th centuries in two stages 1300 and then 1400 in which average temperatures were well below what we would today consider normal. In all of this history man began using fossil fuels in Persia in the first century did not use fossil fuels in any large amounts until the beginning of the 20th century, barely 100-years ago. This evidences the fact that we do not have sufficient empirical evidence of man’s interaction with the atmosphere to draw any reasonable conclusions.

In the latter quarter of the 20th century the socialist crusade became stymied; unable to sell their failed communist and socialist theories they hitched their dilapidated wagon onto the environmentalist movement. Socialism had failed in every nation and every venue’ consequently the progressive movement usurped the environmentalist movement as their new means of social control. This was a brilliant move because of the scientific education requirement to disprove 20th century environmental theories are no longer available in general education. After all, the progressive left, had already by 1920 usurped American education and has striven to dumb down the population for the last 100-years. People like Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are the proof of the pudding.

It saddens me to see our young so sadly uneducated that they can be induced to accept lies by a cadre of people whose primary interest is seated in controlling them and everything in the world.


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