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The Mid term elections are over and the great American public has thanked our president for: Reducing unemployment, food stamps and welfare. Got our pastor back from Turkey, began the first peace talks with North Korea, got our citizens back from North Korea, reduced government by 16,000 jobs, Cut US aid to Pakistan by $ 300 million, re-negotiated NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, defeated ISIS, Moved our Embassy to Jerusalem, re-funded our military, eliminated $900-million Obama oil regulations, repealed the individual mandate of Obamacare reducing healthcare costs across the board, Reduced overregulation by a 22 to one margin, eliminated funding of Syria by the CIA, withdraws USA from UNESCO, appointed 65 new federal judges, arrested over 1,000 involved in sex trafficking, Taking Green Cards away from welfare recipients, added about 250,000 jobs a month since elected, middle income rises for two years that fell under Obama, made America the worlds largest petroleum producer, increased middle class income to the highest level ever recorded, produced the highest Black, Hispanic and female employment in recorded American history, unemployment levels fall to the lowest in 45-years, produced GDP growth of over 3%, stock market is up by over one trillion dollars, builds all the pipelines that Clinton and Obama blocked, created over one million jobs in 2017, lowest gas prices in recent memory, 6-million job openings, manufacturing index at 33-year high, and all of this is a small part of what he has accomplished in two years, what did the brain-dead voter do? They voted by majority for the party that has no plan, except Trumps impeachment and the continued obstruction of everything to improve their own lot and that of America.


Dr. A. H. Krieg


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