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Reflections on our Dilemma


Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                           



Have you noticed the changes taking place in the entire world? I have and have reached a decision about the cause of it—no not the underlying fanciers, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Singer and all the rest of the Judaists, the real cause behind it all.


The changes of the last 30 years are facilitated by a desire in big business for cheap labor and outsourcing and by financing the Business Round Table and the American Chamber of Commerece and by the progressives desire to become the solitary political organism in the rest of this century. One of the facilitators is unquestioningly the Supreme Court, that now allows unlimited mammon for super PAC’s in their Citizen’s United vs. FEC. (558 U.S. 310þ 130 S. Ct. 876: 175 L 753: 2010) The culprits would be the Chamber, Independence USA, Priorities USA Action; the 300 or-so Soros funded Open Society Foundation beneficiaries, The House Majority PAC, American Crossroads, Restore our Future and the Senate Leadership fund among many. Today votes count for nothing because the public has been brainwashed by billions upon billions of dollars worth of misinformation. The relevancy is, that the cause of this is the industrial change from a mechanically based industry to an electronically based one. Today over 50% of capital market value is vested in silicon-valley type industries. The operators of these, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook etc. are by huge majority millennial socialists, thus the change in our society; because they finance the elections! Their strongest suite today is censorship of information they they disagree with.

The leading question thus becomes how are they doing it? There are a score of means and not the least of them is the unrelenting stream of illegal aliens crossing our borders. Let me be clear, over 10,000 Hondurans flooding into Tijuana carrying a Honduran Flag at its head is not a caravan, it is an invasion, especially when 80% are males between 18 and 25-years of age and have over 500 (identified by Mexico) criminals and MS-13 members in their midst. They overwhelmed the Tijuana police forces last week, and actually tried to storm-assault our border and were repelled by ICE with teargas. This is one of the identifying changes both in America as well as in Europe. The prime example being France whose population is now at 67-million with a North African birthrate that has increased the non-white population by over 1-million in the last 7-years there are now over 7-million North Africans living in France. Big business wants cheap labor and the progressives want Democrat progressives (socialists) or in the case of Europe socialist voters and the invasion accomplishes both. Central and South Americans who come to America and the North Africans coming to Europe are the least desirable of their nations, they do not come for jobs, they have little education and do not understand Western democracies, they come for free services and are in no small part in America supported in the United States by the Conference of Catholic Bishops whose falling parishioner numbers can be reversed by an invasion of 90% Roman Catholics from South and Central America. Every refugee admitted cost American taxpayers over $70,000 per year. This only brings another question; why do these invaders invariably vote progressive socialist? That’s an easy answer, because the progressives and socialists promise them free everything, and additionally tell them that they must support the socialist dictum; because the opposition will take everything freely granted by them, away.

A second means is free trade.  The Judaist produced lie, supposedly based in libertarian politics is, that “Free Trade” results in equality of economics and a reduction of prices for goods. This is in fact a lie. In our time the largest cost of manufacture is labor. This cost is a multiple of times greater in the West than in the Third world, while raw material costs are universally similar in all nations. With the implementation of NAFTA and CAFTA we were promised lower costs of consumer goods; in fact the cost of goods 1992 to 2018 has risen by 80.25%. The first and most pronounced cost of free trade is the loss of manufacturing in developed nations, this is most obvious in America with the loss of 11.7-million manufacturing jobs and the closure of 54,000 small manufacturing enterprises since the enactment of NAFTA/CAFTA in the early 90’s. Remember Obama’s pronouncements that Trump would never be able to get this back—well; unemployment has fallen and the economy has improved and labor participation is up ever since we changed our policies. The fact that China, one of our largest trading partners has been cheating through money value manipulation was never even considered under Obama. Regardless, the most active pushers of these policies and all free trade, money value manipulation, as well as open borders has been the business Round Table and the American Chamber of Commerce, the exclusive agents of big business.  

Where are these deleterious ideas from? Who originated these economic and racially motivated policies? In fact all of this is seated in multiculturalism, globalism, internationalism, socialism and communism all of which originate in the tribal policies of Judaism. The tribe, you see, feels very uncomfortable in societies that they do not control; the ensuing policies are to drive a wedge between all other members of the community, so that the tribe can control all the rest, because the rest are fighting among themselves.  There is no better example than American Blacks who have been hoodwinked by progressive policy for decades. Consider the 21st century un-accepted norms; Lincoln (A republican) freed the slaves, (he actually did not fee any slaves, they were freed by the 13th amendment that was passed after the war of Northern Aggression April 8th 1864) the KKK was actually 90% Democrat, (that’s true, but the reason for the KKK is always omitted)—Whites were not allowed to vote, under Reconstruction the entire South was a military dictatorship, White men were prohibited from, teaching, government employment, state or federal employment, military service and were not allowed to vote, women did not have the vote, the only people allowed to vote were Black men who at the time were 97% illiterate. The War Between the States was to free slaves, not true; the war was about the Southern states paying 85% of the cost of federal government operations but only representing one third of the total land mass and less than half the population.

We remain besieged by misinformation that is spread across the land by the minions of the socialists and our education systems. It is, at least to me, disturbing that half of the population seems oblivious to reality. If we look at the mid terms of 2018 it becomes depressingly clear that the majority of urban dwellers are vacuous of reality. These socialist policies pushed by Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters; the so called by themselves, champions of the poor, and others have little or no impact on the rich, which they are. This most severely impacts the lowest income citizens (Black, Hispanic and White) who are apparently the greatest supporters thereof. It would be wise for the conservative movement to bring these matters to the attention of everyone at every possible opportunity; because if they don’t America will go socialist in 2020.

It behooves us all to pay close attention to education. The AFT teachers president is a lesbian Judaist socialist, and the union membership boasts the highest lesbian population of any American organization. These are the women that educate our kids, press to drug many boys with Ritalin, and begin the process of socialist and feminist indoctrination that is then soon expanded upon by higher education academics. The academic product that in past ages produced graduates who were able to reason, now produce indoctrinated socialists who cannot reason, and appear unable to think on their own, they are brainwashed not educated.  Academics are by 84% socialists that obstruct the exchange of ideas and fail students that openly oppose their disastrous dictums. The government is in large part responsible for this. It all began with the Federal Department of Education by Jimmy Carter, in 1980 as a cabinet office and has resulted in a downhill movement in education ever since. In K through 12 America was number 4 in the world in 1978, today we are number 14 to 34 depending on the subject. In higher education it was the takeover of the student loan program in 1994 that drove costs through the roof and allowed universities to increase charges for tuition on average 10% above inflation. The most immediate result has been a $1.5-trilion-student debt, which is 24% in repayment arrears, in no small part because kids were induced to take courses like Back studies, Women studies and sociology in which there is no employment that pays a reasonable return on investment.


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