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Is Alexandra Ocasio Cortez a moron


Interesting question—she’s not a moron -- she is a totally uneducated congresswoman elect from the 14th congressional district which is 18% White, 11% Black, 16% Asian, 49% Puerto Rican.  She was educated in Yorktown Heights (HS) in upper Westchester (high rent district) and BU probably the furthest politically left PC University in America. She ran as a Hispanic but was educated in Yorktown Heights which is 90% White, 0% Puerto Rican, 2% Black and 8% other. She said “the three branches of government are the Senate, House and President. She knows better I sent her my book Practical Economics for Millennials in July 2019 that among other things explains the structure of our government. Not only is she uneducated she refuses to even learn!

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