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The Planed Heist


                                                                        Dr. A. H. Krieg

Aside the fact that Diebold voting machines can easily be fixed to pre-determined outcome the planed heist of the 2012 election is well underway. Obama and his troop of thugs have been busy for months and its 12 months before the election. We all remember ACORN that criminal enterprise that congress de-funded, well not really, because the progressives and ACORN have also been busy changing names.

Our very own Department of Housing and Urban Development, you know one of the agencies I have for fifteen years suggest eliminated, has funded $700,000 as a grant (taxpayers funds) to (AHCOA) the Affordable Housing Centers of America which is a affiliate (new name) of ACORN. More recently it was disclosed that HUD granted another $ 300,000 and then $350,000 to the same outfit. Say that’s $1,350,000 to an organization who in the last presidential election registered more dead people, dogs, cats, and chickens than exist in most counties. ACORN has morphed into just under 20 new organizations mostly at the same locations and with the same personnel from Chicago to LA and NYC.

In the last presidential campaign ACORN was funded by Obama’s campaign with $ 800,000 in effort to register voters for the progressives. As a result ACORN in 2007 registered 1.3 million new voters for Obama. The new twist for 2012 being that rather than using Obama one billion dollars raised campaign funds to register more progressives (i.e. socialists) the new effort is to fund it all with taxpayers monies.

Yet another ACORN related venture is called “Project Vote”. Barrack Obama worked for Project Vote as an ACORN affiliate directly after graduating law school? in Chicago. Their major effort is centered upon vote registering welfare, and all public assistant recipients, a group of people that should not be allowed to vote. Why should someone that lives off the rest of society have a voice in who leads that society? Project vote is very active in Michigan and Indiana. Worse than that is that according to a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice is working together with Project Vote to use the (NVRA) National Voters Registration Act to register more voters who are on public assistance. The Department of Justice has no business being involved in registering anyone to vote for anything.

As we are now apprised there are 47 million Americans on food stamps this is one of the targeted groups by Project Vote. It is Obama’s food Stamp army planned to implement socialism in America. Can you count? 47 million on food stamps, 14 million on unemployment, 24 million unemployed, 21.3 million government employees, 2.3 million in the military, 18 million blacks and 19 million Hispanics most of which will vote for Obama and socialism. If they can register all of them they win and you loose! Vote A3P in 2012.

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