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California Fires


If you believe that the fires in California are due to natural causes, perhaps you should reflect on the 50’s and 60’s. I lived in CA in the 60’s and built a plant in San Leandro near SF in the 70’s. There were always fires but they were, in those days, always contained and rarely a danger to homes and communities. Something obviously changed and goofy environmentalists claim, it is due to “global warming”, which is pure rubbish. No, these fires are due to environmentally pushed acts and CA legislation.

Prior to 1990 the CA fire departments in all parts of the state cut firebreaks every few miles thereby the fires driven by the Santa Anna winds were contained in manageable areas. Then in 1992 the environmentalists discovered Kangaroo rats, which they called an endangered species. The claim by them, that the firebreaks upset these endangered rats, is beyond silly. They blocked the state fire authorities from cutting breaks. Then in 2016 these same nut cases enacted laws (California Forest Practice Regulations Title 14, CA Code of Regulations Chapter 4, 4.5, and 10 [375 pages long]) that prevented anyone from removing dead trees from forests creating a statewide tinderbox. The present day result has not protected man beast or forests and has so far resulted in the burning of over 130-million trees. Trees clean air through the absorption of CO-2 and by osmosis producing oxygen. This is why California has all that smog, which will in the immediate future get much, much worse.

In the 90’s environmentalists claimed that the spotted owl was an endangered species. Lumber mills were shut down, entire communities economically destroyed and thousands of jobs lost. They told us that the spotted owl would only nest in old forests! Well I assume that the owls counted rings on tree trunks—it was all more rubbish. In 2015 SF Park Rangers found spotted owls nesting with chicks in the 2.5-mile square Golden Gate Park inside San Fransico city limits.

Now the very same jackasses want and expect us to come to their aid with disaster funds to help them. I say forget it guys! You made the ridiculous rules now you pay for them out of your pocketbook. Actions by man certainly have impact on the environment and stupid acts by man have far worse ones than CO-2. All actions by man have consequences, and those of us living are the inheritors of them and those that make silly laws should pay for the consequenses of them. . 

These fires have been set purposely and the California environmental movement has suppressed that information.


Dr. A. H. Krieg




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