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Reflections on California


Reflections on California

I lived in CA in the 60’s and then again in the 70’s and I reflect on wildfires. In the 60’s and before fire departments in CA built firebreaks ever few miles. This was done because every Californian knew that the Santa Ana winds could cause devastation through fires driven by these wilds that took place every year. In the late 60’ the environmental movement became an active political force in CA. One of their main initiatives was the elimination of firebreaks because they said; “Kangaroo rats” are an endangered species that is upset by firebreaks, yes I know this is stupid but then Californians have by majority voted progressive democrat for 27 years. Obviously 10-million Mexicans, a bankrupt economy, and the emigration of thousands of small business owners every month also seem status quo on the left coast.


Dr. A. H. Krieg

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