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I would make comment on our national situation


As an U.S. Army vet from Switzerland who has lived in America since 1952 I would make comment on our national situation.

For decades I have observed, mostly quietly without comment, on the affect presidents have had on this nation. I saw how JFK tried to better America and was murdered for it, and how LBJ was simply a crook on a self-promotion trip. I have seen the horrendous miss-management by both Parties and the evil of LBJ, McNamara, Kerry, McCain and Jane Fonda. LBJ forever placed himself as a traitorous pig over the USS Liberty event. I have watched in the sidelines as Nixon mismanaged the Viet Nam war. As Jimmy “the Twit” Carter, screwed up everything in his path to the extent that even stalwart Democrats refused to return him to a second term.

Then a bright light in the name of Reagan appeared. He was from day one demonized by the media and progressives; by the end of his 2nd term everything in America was better. About this time those draft dodgers that went to Canada, were graduating colleges with degrees in worthless crap like sociology, Feminist studies, Black Studies and more. Jimmy the Twit had given all of them amnesty. Truthfully college degrees of the 60’s were all in progressive socialism.

Then came the “Order” Bush’s, from controlling the CIA to president. Father and son combined are not worth a hand full of pennies. Things got worse as the uneducated and unwashed elected a criminal, Bill Clinton, who never had a policy that was not the result of some poll or money making scheme. He was only the second president to be impeached.

Then America went down the drain by electing an Illinois Black Muslim that was not even able to produce a valid birth certificate and did not know how many states comprised America. Our very own Manchurian Candidate! Went through college on Fulbright Foreign Students grant! His every record in government, education employment, records remain sealed. I know less about Obama than any other. He literally drove a wedge into America separating the nation into scores of dysfunctional groups, gays, feminists, straights, Whites, Blacks, Orientals, rich, poor, healthy, sick, police and citizens all were set against each other for progressive control of society. He went on to appoint scores of fools and traitors into his administration Eric Holder who was censured by congress, the first AG ever to succumb to such ends. John Kerry as Sec. of State, a traitor and liar. Loretta Lynch the fixer of all Clinton probes, Kathleen Sebelius who screwed-up Obamacare computers systems to the tune of over one billion dollars, Steven Chu as secretary of Energy who wasted $6-billion on companies that all went belly up. Hillary Clinton, who parlayed the office of Secretary of State into the largest payola scheme in American history, garnishing over $200-million for herself and her Clinton Foundation.

The once proud Democrat Party disintegrated in the wake of Obama. Democrats became progressives and now socialists. They then mimic the Weimar Republic communist opposition as the antifa movement, the first ever in America, violent socialist front group, financed by George Soros and other left wing billionaires. 

Now a new light appeared as Donald Trump, he is real and brash, but he gets results. The progressives do have a plan, resist, impeach, and destroy, what a party, no economic, or social plan, just oppose everything and America can go to hell!

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