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The Left & Puritans


Not long ago the progressives, i.e. socialists i.e. the political left was all about sex, fornication, pro-gay, pro-pornography and what have you, now all at once they have converted to becoming an anchorite nunnery of celibates. Forget about the scandal in the Roman Church, they agree with the pedophiles. They have a new venue’; all conservatives are forbidden presumption of innocence before trial, all are guilty of whatever any progressive claims they did or have done at any time from birth to present. They are in fact unrelentingly expanding a new two-tiered culture of Puritanism in which conservatives are guilty and progressives are innocent. This is in fact the expansion of the puritan two tier judicial system in which the rich and famous i.e. religious (Hillary and co) can do anything and the less famous non-puritans (Gen. Flynn, Martha Stewart and others) are convicted by trickery as well as smoke and mirrors. The puritans of New England are back, with vengeance.

The new marching orders for progressives are: “Conservatives are guilty until proven innocent—to hell with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ”

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