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Internet social sites have entered the realm of not just censors, but as of today the realm of lunacy. There is an interview of me on my Site you may access it by going to www.A2ZPublications.com then go to blog/videos or: Click Here

The interview is about 30 minutes. You will want to view it because it is the basis of my arguments in opposition to Internet censorship. While you may disagree with what I say, I assume that you accept the fact that I am allowed to have my own opinions and publically express them, so long as they do not cause any harm. In order to get a broader viewing of this video I tried to get it advertised on Facebook as an advertisement for my books. I received the following messages from Facebook; none were signed by any person.

  1. "We are reviewing your post to see that it meets our advertising rules". Now I have a real problem with this! I have been in business since 1963 which is to my reckoning 55-years during which time I must have spent well over $500,000 on print and media adverting and have never before had any ads subjected to media scrutiny and approval.
  2. "Your ad was disapproved" Notice they do not say why it was disapproved or the person who disapproved it. (Probably a computer algorithm) One can reach the assumption that the millennial censors are simply too cowardly to place their names at the end of a statement that could be considered libelous. The fact that Facebook is a public company and a corporation, which does business nationally, which requires adherence to federal trade laws, seems an applicable issue.
  3. "Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow our "Advertising Policies" which apply to ad content, its audience and the destination it links to. We do not allow ads that may falsely lead the viewer to think there’s additional functionality". Just to comment, the composition and language of the paragraph was obviously not written by an English major. We’ll get to the advertising policies later—We learn for the first sentence that Facebook takes upon themselves the authority to determine not only content but also origin of content. Not even the Washington Post or the NY Times does that. As to the second sentence, "I simply do not understand it". I successfully downloaded Facebook’s Advertising policies and in over 50-years in business have never seen anything like it. The document is 12-pages long listing 13-different topics.These creeps have made themselves judge, jury, and executioner in one swift move.

After downloading the Advertising policies I came to the realization that this was no minor enterprise. Sub-topics, Overview, The Ad Review Process, Steps to take if disapproved, Appeal Decision, Prohibited Content—This is where it gets dicey. In fact, I learned of an entirely new lexicon of weird topics. There are apparently "Community Standards" which are inculcated in something called "Instagram Community Guidelines" I was and remain unaware. There are "Illegal Products" apparently this is applicable to ads targeted to minors, not in my case. There are "Discriminatory Practices" these I am informed relate to people based on personal attributes, race gender, age, health, ethnicity, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender Identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition. Let me get this right—I am not allowed to say my black friend is a genius, I love that lesbian but she dislikes men, all lesbians are females, I am of Swiss heritage and my wife is of English heritage, a natural family consist of a man and a woman with possibly children, an adult male who is only 3ft tall is a midget. According to the Facebook standards, all of these are not allowed even though they are factual. "Tobacco Products" are not allowed to advertise. "Drugs & Drug-related Products" not allowed—well I guess that lets cancer treatment drugs out. "Unsafe Supplements" these are at the sole discretion of Facebook—the army’s catch-22 comes to mind. "Weapons, ammunition and explosives" The army, navy, air force, marines, police departments must all be distraught. Never mind Hollywood that produces an endless retinue’ of violence in cinema—say they are allowed to advertise on Facebook—now I understand, all this applies only to conservatives, progressives are not opposed.

Then we come to: "Personal Attributes" this is way beyond weird—"Ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes" Come-on, you’re kidding someone needs to go back to HS. Personal attributes include references to gender, race, religion, political affiliation, personal opinion, age health, size, parentage, age, and ability—Facebook distains anyone using any of these in written or spoken text. Question, would the idiot who wrote this explain how he would identify a murderer he saw killing someone to the police detective?

Things not allowed:


Meet the Hispanic man online, Find Black singles today, Meet other black singles near you.


Date Christian singles,  Looking for a Buddhist near you, Are you a Christian


Meet seniors,   A service for Teens car insurance from 18 to 24-year-olds

I simply am unable to continue, the process is making me ill. I know from experience that millennials are not the brightest lights and that Facebook and Google are located in the State of Washington that on its Pacific Ocean side is by predominance progressive socialist, but I had no idea how manipulative these young people are. I must interject that this is not their fault, it is ours, we sent them to colleges, where socialist academics indoctrinated them; they did not educate them they indoctrinated them with failed socialist and discriminatory philosophy. It is apparently their intent to abolish common sense, the Constitutional Republic, due process, presumed innocence, or any of the tenants of our Western culture and society and improve everything by dictating what we are allowed to say, think about, debate, view or discuss in social company. Then to make all things even worse they apply present social norms to occurrences long decades past.

The mantra today by millennials is that they will not debate you; you are beneath them, that they have no desire to get along under any circumstances, that they are right and you are wrong—this due to their lack of experience and young age, that they will use any means available to force their jilted ideas onto society and that they are already doing this and shall continue it into the future or until they get old enough to realize exactly how wrong they really are. Russia and China come to mind; both rejected the communist economic model. They do not want social harmony; they, like the angry four-year-old, want total control of everything. In the end what they want is a socialist dictatorship by them and for them; how did that work out for Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, N. Korea, Viet Nam, and China? They won’t answer that because it’s beneath them, they see, know everything.

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