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Banking and your Future


Having written three books “July 4th 2916 the last independence day” “Money a primer” and last year ”Usury” I have become an expert on Banking, its history and what the bankers plans are for your future. Whatever you think, the collusion between the banking industry and government is a major factor in what will take place in coming years. If we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic, which is what America was, we had better pay attention and begin a resistance against the wicked plans they have developed. Let me further say that this is not as most people think, just a national problem it is international and directed by the international banking cartel in league with the “Deep State” agencies in all Western nations.

The seeds of the plan have been apparent for a long time, the elimination of hard assets, the elimination of gold and silver certificates, the elimination of hard asset backing of currency, the creation of fiat paper money backed by debt, and then the creation of fiat paper money backed by nothing but journal entries on the books of the 12 FRS banks. The real fact today is that the paper dollars in your pocket have no real value at all. Why do you think that the FRS and Federal Depository at Fort Knox refuses to be audited? The latest effort is the elimination of large denomination bills. The last $500 and $1000 bills were printed in December 1945 and their circulation was terminated in 1969, silver certificates remained in use from 1878 to 1964 at the 60’s due to inflation the value of silver coins, dimes, quarters, ½ dollars and dollars began to exceed the marked value of the coins and government stopped producing them. By 1982 monetary inflation had reached the point where copper pennies were worth two cents ½ C. each so they converted pennies to a zinc alloy with copper plating. Inflation 1950 to 2018 has been 946%.

Let me explain inflation. Inflation is caused when government spends more than they take in, in taxes; it has nothing to do with local trade or the private sectors of the economy, and only government causes inflation. Inflation is also a bi-product of international trade imbalances, i.e. when a nation exports less in value goods than it imports. America has a trade imbalance of about $ 50-billion annually that has been growing for many decades, the deficit for 2017 was $566-billion. Even a fool, like Paul Krugman, NY Times economist, can understand that such massive annual trade deficits will eventually result in financial collapse.

As I mentioned before it is an international issue, Switzerland eliminated SFR 500 and SFR 1000 bills about five years ago. Today there is a movement in America to eliminate the $ 50 and $100 bills. The move to plastic RFID money is international. In the mean time, people are gradually being indoctrinated to exclusively use plastic. The conversion to digital money is in full swing. We went from credit cards to debit cards and from swipe to insert, to FRID chip, to I-phone and apple watch monetary transfers. There is a very strong movement in the banking sector to remove fiat currency from circulation. This is strongly supported by the deep state because it provides total control of individual citizens. Unfortunately millennial’s and much of our population fail to see the deleterious consequences of these matters. Needless to say it also allows uncontrolled and unreported inflation of the value of currency.

It is not possible to gain an understanding of this issue, without tying the knots of the string in sequence. The NSA built the Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, they told us it was to prevent terrorist attacks on America, if you believe that you should stop reading now. The Utah Data Center records all financial transactions of citizens of, America, Canada, Germany, France, GB, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zeeland, in fact the entire “Western World” that are related to banking. The only things they are unable to follow are cash transactions. Bluffdale also records all personal matters reported to them conducted by Google, Yahoo, PayPal, or in other words all Internet transactions, including e-mail. They record your telephone your every keystroke on your computer, even deleted messages, your medical records, you name it and they have it. Google and others including banks actually have multi-million dollar contracts to report to the NSA. Now, you must further understand that by executive order of president Obama shortly before he left office, all 17 US security agencies are allowed to share any of this information. These 17 agencies jointly have 850,000 employees whose clearance allows them access to your personal information. Question is, how long can 850,000 people keep a secret? Answer is, in the first 100 days of the Trump administration these creeps released 120 secret papers, about one every day, all derogatory of Trump.

If you think that’s the end and “I don’t care” you had better pay attention, because the information gathered by all those people who report their information about you to the NSA have all been hacked. Life lock had 50-million accounts hacked 09.18, Facebook 50-million, Ticketfy 26-million, My-Heritage 92-million, Adobe Systems 152-million, AOL 92-million, Apple 12-million, over 238 companies comprising over 6-billion accounts. If the government ever employed you, then China has your information, they hacked the Human Recourse Department of the US government and have all the files, mine is 35-pages long. China, in fact, has copies of all of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. The obvious question is not when will you be hacked, it is when will your information be put up for sale?  

This then leads us to what it is that they plan? It is really very simple they intend to eliminate currency and to force you to use only plastic. The major credit card providers are already in contract with First Credit (First Data) that has over 300 Apps and over one million Clover devices. Over the coming next few years people will be induced to eliminate cash, by the way I wanted to purchase an item from Midway a sporting goods company, and they do not even take cheques, only plastic. The $100 is on the way out, so is the $50, next the $20 and thereafter every transaction will be with debit cards. Your employer will deposit your salary to your account, your monthly billers will automatically debit your account, and out of hand purchases will be made by RFID chip, which is planned to be implanted in your body sometime in the coming decade. Biblically this would be called 666. The banksters and government will know everything you do!

Once this system is in full operation the government and your banker will know when you need to go the bathroom before you do, and if you feel comfortable with that, then good luck to you! If on the other hand, you dislike this plan then in the strongest possible terms inform your elected officers of your opinion.

My latest books are Invasions, Usury and Social Compliance, you can get them on www.a2zpublications.com you can also at no charge, access my 35 minute TV interview at A2Z-Blog/Video. 

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