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Krieg: Soros, SPLC & Trump


Adrian Krieg takes on the SPLC, George Soros (Georgi Schwartz), and the Kosher Tax. Soros, in a clip from the 2018 Davos address, congratulates Trump for developing his base of support (the purported ‘Deplorables,’, Soros insists that he’s got his own version of ‘delorables’ (Antifa, and the hundreds of social justice warriors that he funded with this $16 BILLION donated to various organizations (many are listed in this video) that are going to eliminate Trump in the Nov. 2018 elections. Krieg, an inventor, business owner, machinist and prolific author, recalls the terrible NAFTA legislation (GWH Bush and Bill Clinton) that devastated industrial production in the US throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Krieg: Soros, SPLC & Trump from yoryevrah on Vimeo.

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