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Dr. A. H. Krieg

The progressive left has placed America at the crossroad between anarchy and Constitutional Republic. The endless vitriol spewed out by the political left are like a foul four-year-olds temper tantrum, when he does not get his way. The problem for America is that we are not four-year-olds, and threats including attempted murder are not part of a democratic political process. I have yet to hear from just one progressive exactly how these policies and actions benefit anyone or anything. Outside the Weimar Republic, there is no other case in the history of such deleterious behavior. Even when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot at a Republican congressional baseball game there was barely a word of condemnation heard from the media or the political left.

Having myself been the recipient of life threats, which is why I always carry a gun, the process is abundantly clear to my wife and me. The DNC as well as all individual members of the progressive wing of the Party must denounce the “Lefts” political violence. A caller told Rep. Cathy Morris Rogers (R.WA) he was going to feed her lead. A Progressive Democrat also threated Rep. Chris Smith (R.NJ). These are only an outcropping because they are elected officials getting at least some news coverage. The vast majority of threats directed at authors, publishers, editorial writers and radio and TV hosts are almost never made public.

The venom, which is exclusively from the political left rarely, makes the headlines because the purveyors of the news in most cases agree with perpetrators. The Lamestream is definitely part of the problem. With the prodding by George Soros’s “Open Society Foundation” and Barack Hussein Obama’s “Organizing for Action”, funding organizational structures like MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and others, progressives signal that they desire to rule, even if they are not the majority. When representative Maxine Waters (D.CA) informs audiences, to physically “attack”, “harass” and “push back” on elected and appointed members of the administration, she is inciting to riot. When Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez incites teenaged boys to attack the president and is not arrested, we know something is wrong. When Kathy Gifford appears in a video holding a likeness of the severed head of the president she is committing a felony. And when Jeff Sessions our AG and the director of the FBI Christopher Wray, arrests no one in any of these cases, we all understand that we are getting close to civil war. This is not the way our political process functions!

I think that this is exactly what the left wants. Civil War! They have been unable to achieve their socialist paradise like, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, or Cuba through legislative process and now realize that they can’t get what they want by judicial means either, so they are perusing a civil war agenda. This all began with some minor civil disobedience and has grown to include the antifa movement based in the communist opposition in the Weimar Republic and a substantial group of female lying agitators willing to point their dirty lying fingers at any male that dares to run for office or judicial appointment.

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