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Reflection on 9-11


The attack on the World Trade Center in NY on 9-11-01 has more twists and turns than the Kennedy assassination, and I believe that the majority of Americans, after this multi-year lapse, realize what a load of BS was presented by government findings. Not unlike other false flag incidences, the reported information by Warren Commission, issued in 1964 is noticeable in the total amount of missing information and misinformation. The USS Liberty incident of 1967 also comes to immediate mind.

The obviously most egregious matter relates to the total shutdown of NORAD during 9-11. Not one official has articulated why the entire NORAD air defense system was shut down all day. Additionally, no one has explained, why not one single air defense aircraft of the U.S. air force was launched during or after the attacks. Nor has anyone explained why the hole in the Pentagon was narrower than the aircraft engine positions width and why all video of the Pentagon attack has been unavailable. No rational explanation has been provided why building #9 in NYC was destroyed when it was not in any manner damaged by the attacks and contained the terrorist control center for NYC. Not one official has explained how the government claims that passenger used cell-phones when there was no such ability on 9-11. Nor is there one single report on how hijackers succeeded in defeating armed flight deck door entry, or how fewer than five hijackers were able to overcome over 100 passengers armed with only box-cutters. Also missing is the fact that all airports used in the hijackings of 9-11 had security provided by ICTS, a Dutch company established in 1982 by Israeli Shin Bet security agency. All of this points to a false flag operation.

The fact that of the 19 claimed perpetrators was al Qaida, by the way, an organization started by the CIA, who claimed that the operational head was Osama bin Laden who had been employed by the CIA under the synonym Larry Usama. Of the 19 attackers 15 were Saudi-Arabians, 2 were UAE, one was Egyptian and one was Lebanese. But from there it gets ridiculous; the report states that these terrorists came to America to learn how to fly and that they took flying classes in twin engine propeller aircraft. The narrative continues stating that they then flew multiengine human transport aircraft (Boeing 767-223ER) whose control structure has no similarity with twin-engine propeller aircraft in complicated maneuvers that most commercial pilots said were highly unlikely. The government 9-11 commission report states that there were 19-hijackers on four aircraft with four in one plane and 5 in the other three. The total reported death toll was 2,996 and an additional approximate 6,000 were injured. Not to be forgotten was the passing of the American Patriot Act October 26th 2001 just 46-days after the event, (HR-3162) which had been waiting in the wings for two years. The Patriot Act violates the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, eight, and tenth sections of the Bill of Rights, and only Ron Paul (R.KY) legislator has even raised that issue.

Regarding Osama bin Laden that the government claims to have killed on May 2, 2011, he had kidney disease and was on dialysis, and died of this disease in the 90’s. Seal Team 6 certainly killed someone, but the fact that the body was dumped out at sea surely is cause for many questions. Contradicting claims, by government, that they did not want to make a shrine of his burial place are astoundingly vacuous.

This brings us to the war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Which is probably the most damaging to the entire false scenario, for the following reasons; the weapons of mass destruction possession by Iraq, was a Mossad fabrication that has been proven to have been a lie; Hussein was a secular dictator who strategically kept the Shia, Sunni, Alawite, and Kurds from killing each other; and lastly Iraq had the largest army in the Middle East presenting a huge hurdle for the Erez Yisrael (Greater Israel) plans as outlined in the Oded Yinon Plan. They got America to take that hot tomato out of the fire. Lastly far from least was the fact that not a single Iraqi citizen was involved in the planning or execution of the 9-11 attack. We attacked Iraq, murdered its ruler killed over a million people, and produced an unstable region that was then invaded by the Caliphate that became knows as ISIS or ISAL. Thanks G.W. Bush for being so incredibly gullible. And thanks to “Colon” Powel, the idiot who presented the entire WOD story to the UN General Assembly. 

Hardly satisfied. we then attacked Afghanistan, which is not even in the Middle East, it is located in South Asia. The war led by America has been ongoing since October 2001, another Bush fiasco. We have been there for 17-years and I have never heard any intelligent reason why we are there. In 2003 the Pentagon said that there were about 200 proven terrorists hiding in Peshawar, and America together with NATO deployed over 100,000 soldiers of which 13,000 remain there today. No one has ever said how many of the 200 terrorists are still alive.

Then Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and instituted the single dumbest Middle East policy of modern history. The Arab Spring policy that began with the destabilization of Tunisia in 2009, forcing Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to flee Tunis began what was to be the Arab Spring, as published by Hillary Clinton in 2010. She had been appointed Sec of State in 2009 and lost no time together with her boss Obama, in destroying American Middle East policy. In succession, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan were severely impacted by this stupidity. Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq all became totally destabilized, war continues in all of them today. Libya is especially sad, because the CIA and DOD were working with Gadhafi the very popular dictator of Libya, in suppressing al Qaida and with the murder of Gadhafi, Libya became an al Qaida stronghold.

This is really the story of the implementation of Israeli foreign policy supplanting the geo-political aspirations of America and Europe, replacing all of it with the Oded Yinon Plan, for the regional destabilization of all Middle East bordering Israel, in order to allow the IDF sufficient military power to colonize the entire region. Greater Israel consist of Gaza the world’s largest concentration camp, the West Bank presently being colonized, Syria whose internal strife has been orchestrated by Israeli mercenaries’ partially paid for by the Obama administration with $50-million as well as Russian DShK heavy Machine guns from the Libyan arsenal that got our Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods murdered by al Qaida of Libya, the first ambassadorial murder of an American in 35 years and about which the Obama administration did nothing. The relentless attacks by the IDF against Lebanon (1982 to 1985, 2006,) every time the Lebanon economy comes back they are attacked by Israel who immediately as their first act destroys the entire infrastructure using American provided aircraft. Since 1948 Israel has at various times attacked Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, PLO, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and relentlessly Gaza, as well as the West Bank, whose primary defense devise are slingshots and home made rockets. Iraq, well they got America to reduce that to a tribal mess, Jordan is yet to be taken care of, and Egypt is in its usual turmoil. The presently operating Israeli policy is to get America to attack Iran, which as of Sept 7, 2018 in a joint Russian, Turkish Iranian summit have agreed upon a mutual Syrian policy which excludes America and Israel. Any attack on Iran would spark WWIII, even the elected idiots in Washington should realize that.

Anyone who thinks this is all an American Foreign policy must be delusional, Israel’s hands are all over it.  


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